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Oil Spill Industries Affected

Gulf Oil spill, occurred on 20th April, 2010, is the greatest environmental disaster in world history. It created great havoc in the lives of people. Hundreds of people lost their lives and thousands and thousands lost their livelihood. Many industries, directly or indirectly related with sea waters, suffered a great set back. Of all, Louisiana is the state which took a huge hit.

Oil Spill Industries Affected shrimping

On 29th April, 2010, The Governor of Louisiana announced a state of emergency. The meteorological department announced that the catastrophic oil spill would be approaching the shore line. Environmental agencies, along with BP rescue team, tried their level best to contain the oil within the sea and not reach the shore. However, oil was spreading at a great speed due to the winds and currents.

One of the major industries in Louisiana which took the greatest hit from this disaster is Shrimping community. Shrimping refers to harvesting shrimp or prawn. Louisiana is famous for shrimping industry. This tradition is not a new one and points back to 1800s. Mostly, white and brown shrimp is available in this area.

As water is contaminated, food source of this shrimp is also poisoned and affected their health and reproduction. Unlike blue crab, male shrimp has to continuously produce sperm which can get intoxicated with oil spill food consumed by them. Due to these conditions, emergency was declared so that shrimpers can gather some shrimp which can sustain them for some time.

Oil Spill Industries Affected oyster farmers

Another industry affected badly with the oil spill is oyster farmers. Around 5000 of jobs in Louisiana are involved with oyster farming. Shrimping and oyster farming go hand in hand as both involve farming through marine culture. With this oil spill disaster, big oyster companies have shut their doors. Gulf of Mexico waters produce 67% of the nation’s oysters and this is a big blow for the oyster farmers. This applies to all other businesses related to fishing.

Oil Spill Industries Affected Tourism

Tourism industry in Louisiana got a worst hit due to the gulf oil spill. Tourism industry comprises of a wide array of network involving travel agencies, hotels, restaurants, bookings and travel guides. Boating or beach front businesses are unlikely to continue now which incurs huge losses to the tourism industry. Boat operators are discouraged to continue their business as people are not interested to enter into contaminated waters.

Beach front businesses like real estate and property owners have to shift their businesses till the clean up process is completed. This can continue for at least one year to come. This might also affect the near by cities on the long run.

Majority of restaurants in Louisiana serve sea food. As the sea water is filled with oil, people are reluctant to order sea food. This is a big blow to hotel industry as they have to search for alternate menus. After the great oil slick, people look at oil workers as their greatest enemies. However, oil industry has also suffered a great set back. Workers in this industry lost their livelihood as new rigging is stopped for time being.

All the industries mentioned above are only a few among various other industries listed in the oil spill affected pool. On the long run, many more industries might suffer from this oil slick. It is the responsibility of every nation to protect the environment for a better tomorrow.Oil Spill Industries Affected will soon come to light