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Oil Spill Victims Should Not Trust Mr. Feinberg

If you are a victim of the BP oil spill and you are now filing  a BP claim, its important for you to know more about Mr. Feinberg and his interest in this fight for the BP money and the BP oil spill lawsuits that are to come. Please read the following all can be verified by a simple google search.

Mr. Kenneth Feinberg has his own lawfir

For your oil spill claims, who is Mr. Feinbergs Employer ?

m with his partner Mr Mike Rozen called Feinberg Rozen LLP,  now Feinberg Rozen LLP are charging  BP $850,000 per month and has since Mid June 2010 for his services. Mr Feinberg and 7 other lawyers from his firm Feinberg Rozen LLP . Mare working on the BP Claim Fund that is who is getting paid out of the $850,000 monthly payment from BP

The rest of the people in the BP Claims Fund like all the adjusters and people working cases are paid directly by BP nothing to do with the $850,000 that Feinberg Rozen LLP are getting every month from BP.

Mr. Feinberg has been quick to cry fraud in many articles recently over people asking for their BP claims money and  people applying for a BP claim, now we find out that Mr. Feinberg and his firm are charging $850,000 per month for the work of 8 people, a little more than $100,000 per month per person.

So to answer the first question Mr. Feinberg works for BP

What are BP paying them for.

A little more information from the great google, about Mr. Feinbergs operation  “Four attorneys spent 2,777 hours from June 16 to Oct. 4 working on the claims fund, according to the report. The firm hired two attorneys to help handle the work.

So let me see if I am getting this right, that would be an hourly price of $900. So the real winner of the BP Oil SPill is Mr. Feinbergs office Feinberg Rozen LLP.

I always knew that the attorneys where going to come out on top in this oil spill but $850,000 per month and then calling every claim he see’s Fraud it might be a little bit ironic when his office are draining BP with a bill like that every month.

Oil spill claims, family and Money

Digging a little deeper into the Feinberg operation you see that one of the seven attorneys being paid by the BP money is called David Feinberg, not Kenneth Feinberg the head man for the BP Claims Fund but his brother David Feinberg is part of the 7 man team on BP. I grew up in a family business myself so I can understand why people near you in business is often family, but when you try and keep an image of right versus wrong its not always works out to your advantage to put your brother on the $100,000 BP payroll per month.

Should you trust your oil spill claims with Mr. Feinberg

Another thing that makes you wonder is why are BP paying  Mr. Feinberg’s company $850,000 per month I though that Mr. Feinberg was handling a fund setup by the gorverment ?

Let me see Gulf Coast Claims Facility (GCCF) was setup by the goverment, Mr Obama appointed Mr. Feinberg to head the fund in June 2010. Same thing with Mr. Feinbergs last job as the Fund manager for the 9.11 victims. How can Mr. Feinberg be fair when he is being paid by  BP for his services ?

Mr. Feinberg are telling everybody to take the Final Payment and move on with your life, but that is like the opposing attorney in court saying “just do what I say it will be best for you”.

Why would I ever trust that, you are not my attorney, you are representing not the victims in this case but the company that made the oil spill happen in the first place. The company that want all this to just be forgotten and go away so they can go on and make billions of dollars for their shareholders.

So the answer to the second question is: Mr Feinberg is batting for BP not the oil spill victims.

Now am I the only one that think this is messed up ? Why would we setup a fund for the victims of the BP oil spill but make the fund be run by the people responsible for the oil spill ? How can the fund be independant and fair when the people running the fund are being paid by BP ?

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