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Help With Your BP Claims

Personal BP Claims vers. Business Claims

It has been reported by many that the personal BP Claims are a smooth process if you can back up your BP claim with documentation of a tax return or a W2 from last summer, meaning the summer of 2009 then the BP claim process is working and your will be in the process of getting a BP Claim Check in a very short time, sometimes 8-10 days. The personal BP Claims looks to be really working. Now what industries could you have worked for last summer and be eligible for a BP Claims check this year. Lets see.

Personal BP Claims

*Restaurant industry, from dishwasher to waiter

* Fishing industry from skipper to deckhand

*Construction industry

*Convenient store

*Gas station

*Really any store that has tourist coming in

*Service sector to any tourist place.

Almost any industry down here are dependent on tourist in some way sharp or form, and if you have lost work because this was a terrible summer tourist season because of the gulf oil spill you are eligible to receive your compensation from BP in form of a claims check now for emergency cash and a final payment later to give up your claim against BP. I have even hear from some of my friends that are renting out their house in the summer season that they have been getting  claims check for lost rental income. So that is great this part of the claims process is flowing, I am sure that when the rumor goes that BP are giving out money to people out of work on the beach a lot more claims will be filed. (For the record so  people reading this know. I do that have a personal BP claim or Business BP claim even though I live on Navarre Beach and runs a business from here. My business is not related to tourist and unless we all get sick from something by living here we will not have a personal BP claim of any kind.)

Business BP Claims, not moving much

So it has been reported that it has been much harder to get a business BP claim though the system and the reason is probably that its a lot bigger money that business has lost and making the case for the business like a hotel or a restaurant is a little harder than just showing a W2 or last years tax return.  The business has to show their records of people canceling their hotel stay or for a restaurant they have to show that this year few people came by to eat. For sure most business that are dependent on tourist has a BP claim its just a matter of the the size of the claim I would think. Most likely the business claims are what will end up in the courts as sometimes its hard to agree about bigger numbers.

BP Claims Money will keep people happy for a little while

Again I cannot stress enough that the BP Claims money will stop flowing eventually and when the final claims payment has been paid its over and you will receive no more help or money from BP no matter what happens next summer. Please keep this in mind before you sign you name on a final BP claims forms

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