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Privacy Concerns with the GCCF Offices

I don’t know how many times I have gotten email about people having their GCCF Claims paperwork lost by GCCF after they send in information to backup their claims. We are talking about Tax returns, W2’s and other really personal information. After getting an email today from a frustrated fisherman I start to wonder where exactly did all this very private information go after the GCCF lost it ? Did it end up in a container somewhere and would somebody else be able to get hold of it and use your private information to what ever they saw fit ? These are some of the concerns I would like for everybody to be aware of before you give away your private information to GCCF.

GCCF Not Following Their Own Privacy Policy

On the GCCF website there is a section about their privacy policy and who gets access to your private information you can read their privacy policy here

What I think is most important for you is that they say the will only use your private information to process your claim, it be your emergency claim or your final claim.

Now if GCCF use your private information like tax returns or W2 forms to try and strong arm you into taking the Quick Pay option as if you have already gotten a emergency claim that would be wrong, as the final claim is suppose to be for the future looses that you might have from the oil spill.

What should the GCCF Final Claim Really be ?

Lets talk about that for a second, Mr. Feinberg was saying the other day that many people feel like they have been made whole by the emergency payment and don’t really need any more money from BP as their business or job is back to normal and that is why so many people are taking the Quick Pay option.

I don’t know what planet he is on but most of the people I hear from everyday are struggling to find work and clients for their business. The only reason they are taking the Quick Pay Option is because GCCF are not paying people out right now as they are trying to get people to accept a Quick Pay.

I got this other email this morning advising me that GCCF are not paying out Final Claims for at least 90 days but they are paying out Quick Pay Claims left and right to get case closed.

“I did receive a emergency payment. Now I am filing for a final payment and I filed on Nov. 23. They said the time frame is 90 days from which they receive it but now they are saying the 90 days will start when they figure out how to pay us. I just thought you should let people know.

Where are the investigative reporters at?

I can’t believe with all the Anderson Coppers of the world out there that no real journalist will take a look at the tactics used at the GCCF to get people to select the Quick Pay option. People need the money and will take any money that they can have now and not have to wait 90 days or longer for. There is only one word for it and its extortion and I can’t believe the media are letting them get away with it.

Privacy Policy Violated at the GCCF Office

So back to the email from today from a boat captain that has given GCCF personal information like Tax returns and W2’s. This is what happened to him.

“About a month ago I visited a GCCF facility which I have done quite often here.   But, this was my first visit since the new quick claim option.  As a charter fishing guide I have been affected by the spill like so many others in my industry.  I was in the office speaking with a GCCF rep for 30 plus minutes regarding my options for the future.

During this  lengthy and informative conversation with the rep the office manager walked out from his office with a copy of my tax returns.  He was not part of the conversation at any point but was eavesdropping.  He proceeded to drop my tax returns on the desk in front of me and started blurting out how much money I claimed on taxes and how much emergency advanced payment I received.

This all took place in the middle of the office where others could hear what he was saying.  This was obviously a breach of my rights to privacy along with a breach of the GCCF claimant rights.  According to GCCF they are only allowed to access this information to process a claim.  The GCCF has accumulated an enormous amount of personal information and financial data and it seems that they are using this to coerce claimants into taking the $25,000 quick settlement option.  I filed several compaints regarding this violation to GCCF but nothing has been done. To make a long story short, Do you know if there is anyone overseeing our rights to privacy?”

Its a good question that this guy raises Who are overseeing the GCCF and their Privacy Policy ?

If anybody else has stories about what really goes on at the GCCF please send me an email at and let me have a look at it and post it to the 35,000 readers of this blog.