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Help With Your BP Claims

Remember This Before Taking a GCCF Final Claim

I just wanted all the people who are thinking about taking a GCCF final claim for $5,000 or $25,000 or whatever amount the GCCF is offering you to think twice. GCCF (BP) made up the rules, and told you that you would only get 2 years of compensation— the first year being 2010 and the final year being 2011. They had BP experts tell everybody that the region would recover in 2011. The “experts” that told us that were paid for by BP.

Before Signing Your Name To A GCCF Final Claim

Did they consider the oil still on the bottom of the gulf ?

Did they consider a possible hurricane bringing it all to the beaches?

Did they consider that the whole region could possibly become sick from the Sh.. they sprayed in the gulf to cover up their mess?

Did they consider the tourists still not coming back ?

Did they consider what the oil and dispersant would do to the food chain in the gulf ?

Did they consider how people’s lives down here were affected by their oil spill ?

They did not consider any of these things when they bought experts to make up stories about the oil being gone and the region recovering in 2011. The only thing they considered was the money they would save for writing the BS they were writing.

I want you to consider these things before you take a GCCF final claim. I want you to consider if you want to go along with what BP and the GCCF says and take that as the truth, or if you want a court of the people to make the decision about what’s fair.

GCCF Final Claim Money Offered

I want you to consider the money they are offering you. Do you think it’s enough, or do you think you could get more by doing something about it yourself? I won’t dance around it; I’m going to say screw BP and the GCCF and tell them they are not running the show, and I think everyone else should do the same. I will go after them with everything I have and make them pay for what they did to my life and my family’s life, and our beautiful waters and fishing grounds.

I want you to get what you deserve, and I truly believe that the only way to do that is to hire an attorney, the kind that will not just settle with the GCCF and take whatever they are offering you. Hire the kind of attorney that will fight for you in court and take BP all the way to the end stop where a jury will decide what you should get as damages. I want the image of BP to be as black as the oil they put in our waters, I want you to go after them and their image to get the maximum amount of money you can get by a court in this great land. Why settle for less than what you have lost? Don’t let them tell you what you have lost or make up the rules of how to determine your losses, don’t let them set the rules. Let the courts set the rules.

Don’t Sign A GCCF Final Claim

It will take an extra year if you follow my advice, but you will get ten times more out of it and you will hurt BP where it hurts them the most and that is their image and their pocketbook. You will get all that you have lost back from the past and what you could lose in the future but you will know at the end of the day that you did all you could do to bring BP to justice for what they did to your job opportunities, you family, and your way of life.

I hope that after reading this you will know what you need to do and don’t sign a GCCF Final Claim