Obama Oil Spill

When looking at the oil spill at the disaster it has become for the local communities along the gulf coast, we have to look to the President and see how he handled the Obama Oil Spill

Obama Oil Spill Time line

First off about 3 weeks before the April 20 oil spill President Obama put forward a plan to expand drilling off the Atlantic Coast. He praised the industry’s offshore safety record in defending his decision. The White House said Mr. Obama’s offshore policy was carefully calibrated.

Now comes the April 20 2010 oil spill and the Deepwater Horizon explosion and it would take the president 26 days to respond to the oil spill and  he would let 2.52 millions of gallon of crude oil pump into the gulf, that is 65 million gallon in the 26 days it took for Mr. Obama to respond to this crises.

Now I live on the coast with my wife and two kids and we where saying to our self as this was going on, why does the government not steep in a fix this problem, why would it take 26 days before the president got involved

Just 3 days after the Deepwater Horizon explosion Shell the dutch oil company pioneering deep water drilling in the gulf along with several other countries and companies offered up all available resources to help BP and the US government with the clean up of the Obama  Oil Spill. This offer to help with the clean up of the biggest oil spill in US history should have been taken with open arms but instead the Obama administration told the 13 countries and multinational companies that no help was needed that they got everything under control.

Then 3 month later the oil is still flowing into the gulf of Mexico and Mr Obama has to take his whole family for a one day photo up to the Panama city beach showing everybody that the water is great and tourist should not worry and get in the water like he is doing,

First off I would like to have seen the president in the water off the coast of Louisiana it would have been a little more risky as that is where most of the oil ended up but it was a little to late with the photo up to get the tourist not to cancel their vacations. Not to forget at this time the oil was still flowing each and every day.

Obama’s oil spill is the crises that defines this president in his moment of truth, what do you do when a crises comes that will affect 10 of million of people, do you grab the bull by the horns and fix the problem or do you wonder around not knowing what to do for 26 days and let million of gallon of oil flow freely into the gulf of Mexico ?

Could the Obama oil spill  have been avoided ?

No it could not have been avoided but it could have been minimized by having more help from other countries and having a president that was willing to take BP by the Ba..”s and tell them how this show should be run and what kind of effort needed to be given for the oil not to hit land. Obama’s oil spill has devastated a region of American that most people only see when they go on vacation, but for the people that live here and live off the tourist obama’s oil spill has caused more damage than a category 5 hurricane.

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