April 20 2011 Deadline To File BP Claims Reminder

This post is just a quick reminder about the April 20, 2011 deadline coming up. The one year anniversary of the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill marks a deadline in the upcoming Gulf Oil Spill Lawsuit. If you expect that your case needs to go to trial to recover damages from Transocean, you have to have your case filed before April 20, 2011. The Transocean litigation will start Feb 2012, individuals and businesses, which experienced personal injury, loss of earnings, property damage, business loss, or other economic loss from the oil spill should fill out this form to have the right to go after Transocean. If you have an attorney he should be doing this for you, if you do not have an attorney you can fill out this form here .  Anyone needing legal advice regarding their legal rights, should contact a lawyer.

The attorney generals from the 5 gulf states are doing a great job by putting pressure on the GCCF. When they put out a press release about how Mr. Kenneth Feinberg or the GCCF is doing a poor job (and they are right about that) something new happens and things get moving a little.

There has been some movement lately on what oil spill victims have been able to file. First it was the real estate industry, like mortgage brokers, title companies and other related real estate ventures that could file. Then came the casino workers, and now it sounds like there is some movement in the personal fishing license. I am hearing some claims maybe permissable. So more and more people can now apply for their final settlement, but people that have real claims are still getting offered the $5,000 to go away, and not what they should be getting according to the methodology that the GCCF suggested.