What Will The Total BP Claims Number be ?

At this stage of the oil spill nobody know, but there are many indicators to look at for an idea of the final number, its going to be a high number all the more reason to get your bp claim in right now.

Look at the counter below, it shows amount of cost BP has had in its clean up effort and the amount of claims being filed. This number is already in the billions.

The bp claim filling process has been made more difficult, as I stated Yesterday in my post it has to do with the bringing on ESIS Inc to reduce and minimize the claim amounts and the final payout to the victims of the oil spill. One way of doing this is for the process of filing an oil spill claim to be as difficult as possible.
The President says that BP needs to improve the oil spill claim process but if the hold up is in cutting the check, then getting the claims in does not really matter.