Forget The GCCF! Attorney Settlement Coming

As anyone who reads my blog knows, I have always been an advocate for trying to work out your BP Claims with the GCCF.

But news out last week, including some insider news that I have gotten, has made me change my advice for everyone reading my blog. Forget about the GCCF! Even if your claim is still with the GCCF, now is the time to get an attorney and let BP and the GCCF pay you everything you have lost and then some.

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Last Week’s News: Not Good For The GCCF

Last week’s report of BP’s fault in the 2010 oil spill was so damaging to BP that sources close to the matter expect BP to pay out BIG settlements before February 2012. As the GCCF takes 90 days to review cases the GCCF is now a terrible option for people with a legitimate BP Claim.

You are in the driver’s seat now. The GCCF has done nothing for you but make you jump though hoops only to offer you nothing but hope that they would do the right thing (they won’t). Well it’s not up to the bureaucrats at the GCCF anymore, it’s up to you. You set the amount that you want them to pay you. You don’t have to wait for an offer from the GCCF anymore. You can tell them what it will take to make you settle. Make it a high amount because they have royally screwed this one up, and they have no choice but to pay for the damage they caused.

As the report from last week was so damaging to BP, people close to the case say BP is ready to settle its civil cases with more than 30 billion dollars. You can read the highlights here. That’s $30,000,000,000 they have set aside to pay for their massive disaster. The only thing you need to get your piece of the compensation you deserve is an attorney. Get a free case review today by filling in the form on the right hand side of the page, and your case will be settled before you know it.

BP Is Ready To Settle If You Have an Attorney, Forget GCCF

I have heard all year about how the GCCF has tried to settle claims on the cheap with people who could not afford to pay their mortgages and bills, basically forcing them to take low ball offers. Well now if you have an attorney to handle your case for you, the offers are going way up. The talk about the mother of all settlements going on between now and February 2012 is not just talk.

I can confirm to the people who have signed up via this website that the end is very close. I can also confirm that people will be very happy with their offers, and I can confirm that BP is now finally ready to settle for what you have lost. As you can read in the article I provided above, the settlements are NOT just for what you have lost anymore. Because GCCF and BP took so long to get people the money they needed to keep their homes and business afloat, the price they have to pay has gone WAY up.

If your claim is with the GCCF and you do not have an attorney

It’s absolutely not too late to have your claim represented by an attorney; fill out the form and we will help you out today. In my opinion, at this stage of the game with 3 months left in 2011 you could be talking about 5-7 times the payout if your claim is in the $5,000 category, and 3 times the loss if you are in any other category of 2010 losses.

So people who lost in the $5,000 range are getting $25,000-$35,000, and people with bigger losses are still getting repaid what they lost and then some. This is just what I’ve been hearing, so it’s not definite, but the people who have been following my blog since June 2010 know that I have been pretty close with my predictions so far because I talk to a lot of people in the know about what is really going on behind the curtain.

How Do Mass Settlements With the GCCF Work ?

The way they figure out the amount you get is a little complicated, but this is basically how it will work.

First they find a floor with the minimum offer, so lets say the floor is $25,000. That means everybody who lost less than $25,000 in their claim will get offered a settlement of $25,000. This will probably take care of 10-20% of the claims. After that each category of business and job gets a number put on it. For example, all waitresses get $40,000. If you were a waitress and lost $10,000 in 2010 you will now be offered $40,000 to settle. That number probably sounds good for most waitresses, but maybe some lost more and they can then just reject the offer and wait for a better offer. But if you are getting an offer of 3 to 4 times your actual loss, and you can prove you lost that much, it would be smart to take it in my opinion.

This goes on for each group of business and job until 80% of all cases are settled. After that the last 20% of the cases are the ones that are very specific and very high dollar losses. Lets call them $500,000+ settlement cases. These cases have to be settled individually as the details really come into play in negotiations, but the amount negotiated would most likely be between 3 and 4 times the amount lost.

The reason these numbers are so big is punitive damages. Punitive damages are what corporations have to pay to their victims as punishment for wrongdoing. That means that in addition to just your losses, BP also has to pay you extra as a penalty for being so negligent. They are now required to pay punitive damages for all industries related to the Gulf Of Mexico. This includes charter fishermen, shrimpers, deck hands, and many more. All of these people will get a nice multiplier to their losses. This multiplier could be as high as 4 or 5 times the loss.

The reason they are willing to pay so much out in settlements is because BP does not want to end up paying punitive damages and attorney’s costs at trial. They are scared of a trial, which means they will pay extra in a settlement to avoid one.

Get Your Cases To An Attorney, GCCF Is The Wrong Strategy

As I end this long blog post let me stress the urgency in getting your case to an attorney with the power to deal directly with the people behind the GCCF. If you want to be part of the Mother of all settlements, you have to be represented. Just having your claim at the GCCF is not enough. You have to have representation. It is extremely urgent that you get your case over to the Attorneys now so they can prepare it and put in for a possible large settlement in the future. Stop letting the GCCF drag their feet and stall you with garbage low-ball offers. We have passed the point where the GCCF is going to settle your claim for you. It is time to get an attorney NOW!

GCCF Gets Handed Big Loss By BP Claims Judge Barbier

The latest in the GCCF and BP Claims story is Judge Barbier on Friday told BP attorney’s that Punitive damages in oil spill cases are something that people can go after. This might not sound like much but for people that are sign up with us its a huge win. This means that the GCCF now knows they have to settle all cases before trial. They have to ad the possibility of punitive damages to their settlement number and this will mean that the number gets a big deal higher.

GCCF BP Claims Update

GCCF ,BP Claims Process and Punitive damages

As I am not an attorney I had to go and research the punitive damages a little bit to understand who can go after them and how they work. I think Wikipedia explains punitive damages best. “intended to reform or deter the defendant and others from engaging in conduct similar to that which formed the basis of the lawsuit. Although the purpose of punitive damages is not to compensate the plaintiff, the plaintiff will in fact receive all or some portion of the punitive damage award.

So if the jury find that BP and its partners could and should have avoided the oil spill and if the GCCF did not take care of a claimant when they should have taken care of a claimant then punitive damages can be awarded.

Lets take an example: A charter fisherman goes for 1 year and gets not a dime from the GCCF, the charter fisherman does everything he is suppose to do to claim his loss with the GCCF but the GCCF for what ever reason does not pay him. That would be a situation where the claimant in court could ask for punitive damage and amount above the actual damages.

Another example would be I think that BP and the other partners in the liability trial gets found liable where they should have been able to avoid the spill. In this cases it opens up the door I would think for everybody to go for punitive damages against BP.

GCCF Get A Second Loss On  Vessel Of Opportunity (VOO)

The second loss on Friday for BP and the GCCF is the Vessel Of Opportunity where Judge Barbier told BP that VOO owners can go after BP and the GCCF in court for damages to their boats and contract disputes of boats not getting paid. This would make 3,000 + boat owners eligible for going after BP for damages resulting from their work in the VOO program. It could be that people that have been getting sick from working the VOO program could get in under this section in the trials.

GCCF Third loss of the day Moratorium Claims

The third loss was another big one the moratorium claims where the GCCF and BP has said that it was the government and the president that enacted the Moratorium on drilling and they should not be liable for people that lost money and work because of the moratorium. The judge said that moratorium case could go forward and go to trial if the GCCF was not ready to settle them. So if  you case has not been settled by the GCCF ask for a free case review and get your case in to the attorney’s