BP Claims Settlements Maybe In February

Shrimpers and Crab Harvesters Gets More Money

BP claims for shrimpers and Crab harvesters that has already been paid for a full final payment by the GCCF double the money. You read that correctly. If you have already gotten paid by the GCCF sign off on the release not to sue, you are now entitled to double the amount of money.

When you where paid the first time they gave you 2 times 2010 losses. Now you can get 4 times 2010 losses.

So sign up now on the form to the right and we will get you the double up payment from the GCCF.

Now here is the small text that you have to read, it has to have been a final review that you took from the GCCF and you had the payment before November 30, 2011

A Quick Pay will not work . If you took a Quick Pay there is nothing we can do for you at this time. Stay tuned however it might change.

So all shrimpers and crab harvesters sign up now and get 4 times your 2010 losses. If you have already been paid 2 times, let us get you double up now

BP Claims shrimpers and crabers

BP Settlement In February 2012

The big question now is what will happen on the 26 of February 2012, is it going to be a settlement for only the environmental claims that the government has against BP or will it be a global BP claims settlement where also the economical BP claims cases will be settled ?

It still not to late to join in on these settlements if they are about to happen, but time is getting close to running out as the trial is 20 days away.

BP Settlement With US Gorvernment

Government Settlement Or Also Individual BP Claims Cases?

The reason why this is so unsure is because of all the talks going on right now behind closed doors, the government are for sure in settlement talk with BP on getting out of criminal charges surrounding the BP disaster and their case should almost for certain settle before the trial date of February 26 2012. Now the attorneys that I talk to are saying they don’t care if the government settles before trial as they will still go to trial on their economical cases. That is around 100,000 cases right now and again I don’t see why BP would want to get the bad press on a trial setting for these case and not just settle them out. This is still a big question mark however what will happen, but we are getting very close to the trial date and something is fixing to happen.

Vessel Of Opportunity (VOO) Cases

The court has now ordered settlement talks between the attorneys and BP on these batch of cases. The VOO cases will go to mediation talks on February 13 and February 16. What will happen is 6 different cases represented by attorneys will be mediated and an a settlement offer will be put on each of the 6 cases. The 6 cases are different in nature, example one would be for the “Stand By Pay” and one would be for the “No decontamination of the boat” and so on and so on. If mediation goes as planed we will get 6 different types of settlements to offer VOO boat owners for their VOO claims against BP. The funny thing with these BP claims are that BP says that they should be paid by the GCCF but the GCCF says they cannot pay them as they are contractual disputes and has nothing to do with the Oil Pollution Act and the BP claims that they are paying.

Again the settlement date on this is just around the corner, you have to be represented by an attorney in these talks and the window is closing on getting in on this. Please fill out a form if you are a VOO boat owner and get in on this settlement.

BP Claims Deadline And Documentation

There are a lot of things that are getting very close in this litigation as the Judge Barbier in Louisiana is pushing both parties to get ready for trial. I am therefor telling everybody that deadlines are getting close if you want to be in on this wave of settlements or filings. That does however not mean that the statue (deadline) for filing a BP claim is running out. The dead line for filing a BP claim is still August 2013 or 3 years after the Oil stop flowing from the BP oil weel in the gulf of Mexico. So if you are waiting to file your claim then that would be your deadline. There could be many reason for waiting to file including the point of business not knowing what the future holds and wanting to wait with the filling.

BP Claims document that has to be submitted with your claim. This point is very important, if you are filing a claim and looking for a positive outcome from a settlement with the GCCF or BP. You have to provide all the documentation that supports your claim of loss of income or loss of business profit. Some people don’t have all the documentation that the attorneys are asking for but in that situation give them what you have and then talk to them about the documentation that you don’t have.

I am not saying its right not to pay taxes but the truth of the matter is that many people along the coast for one reason or another do not pay much taxes. This is something you would just talk to your attorney about or the accountant that is preparing your claim. There are other ways to estimate your losses than tax returns. You can show fish tickets, or log books, or bank accounts etc. Talk to them be open with them as they are your attorneys of what is going on and they will help you with what you need to give them.

BP Claims For Business On The Rise

As many business owners first now understand the full impact of the BP oil spill their filings of BP claims are on the rise and we see that trend very clearly. Its not hard to understand why a business owner will get his paperwork from a CPA a while after and the impact is not felt before now. For all these business owners we are ready to help you get paid and if your paperwork is in place (it normally is) the BP claims process are very fast. Fill out a form and we will get started on your BP business claim.