BP Settlement Deadline Extended

Its not really a big deal but the BP settlement deadline has been extended to Wednesday morning this week, so the 18 of April. I guess we will have to look at it then, if you are out to find BP settlement information have a look at the sister site of this site www.bpsettlement.co it has all the information you are looking for.

We are still waiting for the Maps to see who they will pay but the rest of the information there is pretty solid in respect to the calculations and the multipliers that should be in the BP settlement when it comes out.

BP settlement Deadline

Join Me Let BP Pay Your What Is Owed

Florida AG Fighting For People With BP Claims

Its good to see when our elected officials are fighting for our rights, well this week the Florida attorney general got a formal request into the judge in New Orleans saying that he should wait with the approval of the BP settlement and should consider more people and places in Florida to be included in the maps of the BP settlement.

We think the maps extend down to Key West today but I think the AG wants to argue that Florida as a whole was affected by the BP oil spill and all people in Florida should have the right to file a claim for their losses under the BP settlement. Should be interesting to see if she gets the maps changed, maybe that is the reason for the delay today, somebody had to run to Kinco’s with an order for new maps. 😉

BP Claims For Moratorium Workers

Here is the thing, the moratorium claims are going to be paid, its just a matter on how they are going to be paid. If the BP settlement does not take care of the moratorium claims there are plenty of attorneys out there that will take their case to BP and after that to the courts to get people paid their losses.

It was a noble thing to do for the congressman to try and get the moratorium claims into the BP settlement and I hope that a last minute effort will make it happen. Short of that people with moratorium claims will still be paid, they just need to sign up with an attorney and get their case into them and worked up.

Here is where most people with claims goes wrong, same thing in life really.

Most people have a claim in the BP settlement but getting an attorney and getting the paperwork over to the attorney so he can get your claim paid, that is where most people fall apart.

The funny thing is the money that are legitimately owed to you are right there all you have to do is fill out a form, talk to an attorney and send over some documents then the attorney will do the rest and send you a check. If you are afraid that you claim is not good ? trust me the attorney will tell you if he cannot make money on your case. If you claim was denied by the GCCF ? trust me most peoples claims where denied by the GCCF and things are much different in the BP settlement.

My goal is to get the most people down here on the coast the most amount of money, because that helps everybody out.

Lots of people tell me they don’t want an attorney as the attorney will take a percentage of what he gets for you.

I always tell them that if they feel like they can do it them self go for it, but in most cases they need an attorney to get them going and get them paid.

It has worked for lots of people and with the BP settlement just around the corner I am thinking I will have many nice Christmas cards coming in this year for people I have helped getting paid on their BP claims.

So don’t keep searching the internet the attorneys are all going to be the same, with the same fee structure and the same hard to get hold of support staff.

Get with us now and sign up in the form on the right I will inform you of everything going on and the attorney will tell you when to send documents to him and when he has a check for you. That is really it, just get going with your claim and before you know it money will come your way.

Last Call For VOO Boat Owners

The 3,500 or so VOO boat owners should be  getting money in the BP settlement and now is the last call to get your case into a BP settlement attorney for you VOO claim. It looks like the VOO will pay 26 times your contracted rate on your VOO boat, for most people it sounds reasonably and most people I have talked will take that offer. You have to get your VOO boat claim to our attorneys and get it worked up ready for presentment. So sign up you VOO claim now. If you have had any other claim from the VOO program like a medical claim bring that also to the attorney so he can settle that claim at the same time.


BP Claim Deadline

There are two BP claim deadlines right now for the BP Claims Process that you need to know about.

First BP claim deadline that is coming up are 23 November 2010, this is the cut off date for the BP emergency claims payment, if you want to file for emergency claims payment you need to have your BP claims in before November 23 2010.

By filing a claim for emergency claims payment with BP you do not wave your rights to later file a lawsuit against BP for the damage they have done to you and your life.

BP Claim Deadline final claims payment

The second BP claim deadline are for the final claims payment from BP, this claim is more of a lump sum payment, the deadline for that is August 23 2013, so you will have some time on filing that claim. When you accept the BP payment for a final claims payment its important to understand that you will give up the right to ever sue BP over the oil spill and the claims you had against BP. The final claims payment is just that a final payment and you should expect no more payments and you cannot go after BP for any other claims that might arise in the future.

If you are not sure about how to file your BP claim or what claim to file I suggest that you contact an attorney or CPA that can help you with filing out your claims paper work and advising you on the best course of action. Remember the people that you meet at the BP claims office, that are all very nice are not looking out for your best interest, but just trying to do their job as best they can. So its important for you to have somebody in your corner that can advice you on your options.