Waiting for your BP Claims payment ?

If your are waiting for your BP Claims payment like everybody else down here by the gulf coast and wondering what is taking so long, go over the following check list to see if you need to bring new information to the BP claims office, to speed up your BP claim payment.

Its hard to understand the BP claims process but the more information you give them about your claim and why you should be compensated for your lost the better your chances are for a faster BP claims payment and a better outcome to your claim.

Consider the following pieces of information to use in your BP claim for additional information backing up your oil spill claim.

BP Claims payment Lost of Income

1. minimum of 2 years tax returnsĀ  more are always better. Bank statements showing your income, w2 forms, anything your have showing your employment and lost of income. Letter of employment, pictures of you working. All showing income before the bp oil spill

2. Firing notice, letter that you got fired because of the oil spill

Extra Expences because of the oil spill

1.Grocery expenses, air line tickets, rental house payments, gas receipts, food receipts,

Lost of profit because of the oil spill

1. 2 years of tax returns, income statement, balance sheet, employee payroll,

Lost of use of the water because of the oil spill

1. Fishing license, grocery receipts, food cost, travel cost, rental house contract

2. Vacation plans to the gulf coast, cost of new vacation, gas receipts, food receipts

Mental Health BP Claims payment (still not sure if they will accept this claim)

1. Letter for prescriptions, letter from your family doctor, letter from your psychiatrist, letter from the hospital, letter from insurance, letter from friends about your condition. medical record before the oil spill,

If there is anything else the BP Claims office is going to ask for if you have it give it to them, that will make them process your claim faster. Remember taxes are due as of this writing on the money you get from BP.