BP Claims Process Is Not A Class Action Suit

The BP Claims process and the pending litigation is not by any means going to be settled as a class action. There is common misconception that anytime there is a large numbers of plantiffs that it has to be a class action..such is not true..

Though cases and claims may get settled in mass, in the end the plantiff has the right to say yes or no. This is what makes it different then a class action, a judge will not determine how much you receive. You will have the right to proceed to trial, negotiate your own deal, or accept what is offered. In a typical class action the judge determines what the claimants receive after a trial with a few representative plaintiffs.

Attorneys with a large number of claimants have distinct advantage, when negotiating with BP. It is very attractive for BP to work with attorneys that have large case loads, as it makes it easier to bundle similar groups of claimants and consolidate them into a settlement matrix, that each individual has the right to accept or reject.

For Oil Spill Attorneys

BP class action

BP may be amongst one of the largest global oil companies of the world but unfortunately it is most remembered for the BP class action lawsuit filed against the company for polluting and causing harm to the environment. The company is based at London in the United Kingdom. The company struck disaster on 20th April, 2010 after its offshore drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico exploded killing around 11 people The explosion led to an oil spill over 2,500 square miles. The first to be effected were Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Texas, and Florida. It also led to a loss of over seven million US dollars in a day.

Joining a BP Class Action right for you ?

BP class action

The BP class action lawsuit was put against the company for the claim process it designed for the victim’s family. The ACE, Ltd. Insurance Group Company which handled the claim process was also included in the lawsuit that was filed against BP. The Gulf of Mexico was heavily polluted leading to massive destruction of flora and fauna due to the oil spill. Apart from the oil spill, BP has also been convicted of releasing toxic poisonous gas into the air from its Texas refinery, thereby exposing the residents of Texas to massive health hazards. For over a month 500,000 pounds of toxic gas and pollutants were released in the atmosphere of Texas causing health hazards. This led to the government of Texas filing a lawsuit against BP for its irresponsible action.

BP class action lawsuit filed in TX

A BP class action lawsuit was also filed in Houston against the company when over 2000 people were affected by the release of carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides into the air by the oil company’s refinery located here. The damages for which it was sued amounted to over ten billion US dollars leading to further losses for the company already under numerous lawsuits for causing extensive damages to people and the natural environment where they set up their refineries. The company is also responsible for causing death by the emission of benzene. The US government had to be paid $50.6 million by BP for the damages caused in Texas too from the explosion in its oil refinery.? If you are looking to join a BP Class Action lawsuit talk to your local oil spill attorney