BP Claims: What is the process with the GCCF?

How the GCCF Processes Your BP Claims

The way the GCCF processes BP claims is pretty murky. Since the GCCF doesn’t seem to be trying to clarify how BP Claims work, I’m going to do my best to lay out the steps of the process, the timeline you’ll be looking at, and how much money you can expect to get.

Step 1: You file your BP Claims or claim with the GCCF, including all the documentation they ask for about your previous income. You can do this either online, at a claims office, or over the phone.

Step 2: You wait. A long, long time. The GCCF says it tries to process BP claims in 90 days, but most people are waiting upwards of 120 days to receive anything back from the GCCF.

Step 3: They finally send you a letter. Most of the time it will say one of two things: Either a) We paid you too much in emergency claim money so we don’t owe you anything, but you can take a quick pay for $5,000 (or $25,000 for business claims) and sign away your rights or b) We need more documentation to process your claim. If you’re very lucky, they might actually have just processed your claim, but that almost never happens.

Step 4: You can either accept the low-ball quick pay (We recommend that you do not), or you send in the additional documentation if they asked for it, and wait even more for your BP Claims money.

Step 5: After waiting even longer, the GCCF will most likely just send you a measly quick pay offer of $5,000 for personal or $25,000 for business claims. Very few people get real money from a final or interim claim. If you are one of the lucky few who got a good offer, you can go ahead and take it and you’ll be finished.

So What Should You Do About Your BP Claims?

If you are one of the many people who just got a quick pay offer for your BP Claims, you can try to appeal with them, but I wouldn’t bank on that working out. If you think it’s fair compensation, you can take the quick pay. If you are like most people though, it’s not going to be anywhere near the amount BP actually caused you to lose.

If you have gotten to the point where all they are offering you for your BP Claims is quick pay, the only way to get a larger amount is through an attorney. You can either get one to help you with your BP Claims and tell the GCCF that you are represented by an attorney, or you can wait and file a lawsuit.

If I’m Not Getting Anywhere with my BP Claims, how will filing a lawsuit work?

The big trial to figure out which of the many companies involved in the oil spill are liable for what is happening in February 2012. After that trial takes place, you will be able to file lawsuits to get what you rightfully deserve. It is definitely a long time to wait, especially because so many gulf coast residents are hurting right now, but if quick pay is the best they are offering you for your BP Claims, it’s probably the only way to get real money from them.

Lawsuits can be a hassle,  but once you’ve gone through the GCCF’s complicated process to get your BP Claims money, if you are not satisfied by the pitiful amount they probably offered you, then you may need to consider contacting a lawyer. It’s not about trying to get money you don’t deserve; it’s about BP making up for the damage they caused to you and your family.

If you want us to take a look at your BP Claims and help you out with the process, always feel free to fill out the free case review box on the side of the page and we’ll get back to you soon.

GCCF Final Payments What Is Going On ?

The following post was send in to me by a reader of this blog, I would like to ask more people to tell their story just like this person is doing.

I’m not quite sure what’s going on with the GCCF  final payment, the full final review final payments, or why they are taking so long. I do know, however, that as soon as the quick pay option became available, gccf began denying emergency advance payments for no reason, I believe, in an attempt to coerce people into filing for the quick pay option.

GCCF Final Payments

GCCF Final Payments of what ?

I, however, recieved an emergency advance payment for more than $5,000 and am waiting for my GCCF  final payments or will file lawsuit if they deny my claim. The emergency advance payment was a 6 month loss payment, and they are paying 3-5 years for future damages for full review final claims.

I check the statistics on their site daily, and I saw when they started denying claims. For instance, when I was paid in October, they only had 45 denied claims. Now it is about 50,000 denied claims, yet all over the place they say how easy it is to sign off your rights and put $5,000 in your pocket.

GCCF Final Payments in 90 days ?

People who were denied need to sue. People who were paid emergency advance payments need to be patient. They told me it was within 90 days that I would hear something about my final review and I filed in November. Now they are saying its 90 days from the time they started processing in December, NOT when I filed.

They are playing upon people’s ignorance and impatience and for the poor fools who are taking the bait, may God be with them. With the economy already on the verge of collapse when the oil spill happened, now the Gulf Coast won’t recover even longer.

The only reason people still came here despite their empty bank accounts was for the beautiful beaches and the seafood. With the entire line of gulf coast states depending on the beaches for tourism, which IS our economy, we have nothing now and won’t for years to come.

And it is not just the coastline that dwindled when this happened…it effects reached north as far as we could see. People in Alabama would make the drive to the Florida coast for work because the money was good enough and they had no work in AL. Now they have no work here or there. This is just wretched and BP and GCCF need to quit swindling people out of their well deserved money. We are all capable of working, but can’t because of THEM!