News About BP Final Claims Payment

Lots of people that has gotten an emergency claims check from BP from the last few month of hardship are now looking to see what BP will do for them in the future and what their BP final claims payment will be.

Size of BP final claims payment

After doing some research and talked to some insiders over the weekend in the Gulf Coast Claim facility. What I am hearing is forget about numbers in the 30 times your monthly payment and start thinking in the 50 times your monthly payment to sign a BP final claim.

To me that sounds very promising for a lot of the people worst hit by the oil spill. So if you have gotten $10,000 per month in BP emergency payments you should expect in the $500,000 range for you BP final claim’s payment.

I think this would be enough for lots of people to not go with a lawsuit against BP, as this would give them basically 50 month of claims payments in one lump sum. That would be a little over 4 years of future lost of income or wages that BP will pay you if you sign a final claim with them.

Remember when you do sign a final claim with BP all your rights to sue BP now or in the future will be lost. I think howevery that 50 times your monthly lost would be a great number for oil spill victims to get and it should compensate them for future losses.

BP Spending 1 billion on Image Campaign along the gulf coast

Another inside story from the BP camp is a huge advertising campaign and money spend in the local community all across the gulf region of more than 1 billion dollar, for getting the BP name back in favor with local residents.

I think spending money in the local community by BP is again great news and the right move by BP to get people back on their side. I think the Sunday sponsorship of the Luna festival in Pensacola Beach has been a sign of things to come from BP. Again great news for all local residents in our region and I welcome these moves by BP to show people that they will be with us and help us get back to normal again.