Gulf Coast Claims Under Scrutiny

Government Officials Investigating Gulf Coast Claims Process

It’s an open secret that the Gulf Coast Claims Facility is not doing a good job getting money out to people who need and deserve it, and that’s why it can be frustrating when it seems like nobody is doing anything about it. Well it looks like some state governments are finally taking action to clean up the Gulf Coast Claims process. This is all preliminary stuff, so I wouldn’t start celebrating yet, but it looks like there are least people with influence out there who care about Gulf Coast Claims. From big issues to small ones, we’re starting to see some action.

Gulf Coast Claims

States Taking Action on Gulf Coast Claims

The Gulf Breeze Claims Office in Florida is closing for no reason (except to get people to give up on getting their Gulf Coast Claims), but it’s actually getting some notice from people like Florida State Representative Doug Broxson who said he is “disturbed” by its recent closure.

Louisiana has also filed against BP and Transocean because they are trying to limit their liability for gulf coast claims for the 5 million barrels of oil they dumped into the gulf. BP and Transocean are trying to get out of paying for the damage they caused by saying that their explosion of oil was a “permitted discharge” under a ridiculous interpretation of an old law, and Louisiana is calling them on it.

Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood thinks that the Gulf Coast Claims Facility is tricking and forcing people into taking low quick pay final payments, and is going to Washington to look at their shady paperwork.

What Does This Mean For People Trying to Get Gulf Coast Claims?

The good news is that there are people in the state governments who see what BP is trying to do with the gulf coast claims process, and they are trying to do something about it. The bad news is that BP is very powerful, and has had virtually no pressure from the federal government to get its act together. The states may have some luck getting BP to actually pay what it deserves, but for right now it looks like the Gulf Coast Claims Facility is still up to its same old tricks: Delaying, demanding more documents, and denying.

If you want some free help getting the most from the Gulf Coast Claims Facility, you can fill out the free case review box on the right side of the page and somebody will contact you to help you out. In the meantime, as always, we recommend that you avoid taking any quick pay payments from the Gulf Coast Claims Facility and signing away your rights. Even though the GCCF is stingy with them, try to get interim payments so you don’t have to sign away your rights to get compensated.

Right now BP has said that the effects of the oil spill will be gone by the end of 2011. I’m sorry, but that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard, and we all know it’s a lie. If you want to be compensated for your losses past 2011, or even completely for 2010-2011, be very careful about taking final payments from the Gulf Coast Claims Facility.

Gold Rush to file BP Claims

Since the Gulf Coast Claim Facility took over the processing of BP claims August 23 2010, more than 210,000 new claims has come in to the claims facility. Mr. Feinberg call’s it a gold rush from people that he does not see has a real claim against BP.

22,000 BP Claims has been Denied

The gulf claims facility has already denied more than 20,000 claims for lack of connection to the BP oil spill, and I am sensing that more are coming.

I would say that as long as you feel like you have lost money, or the BP oil spill has cost you extra money that you would not have spend had the oil spill not happen, you should file a BP claim. Give them all the information you can to prove you claim. If you get your claim approve good for you, there is money coming to you. If your claim is denied well maybe you can file additional paperwork that you have or if you feel really strong about it, contact an oil spill attorney that will have a free consultation with you about your BP claim and your chances.

Don’t File False BP Claims

The one thing you should not do is make false statements or provide false documentation to the claims facility, this would first off be illegal and secondly it could land you in a lot of trouble. There was a case with a women in NC that made false statements and documentation about a job she said she had lost at a Louisiana oyster factory. The Justice Department research her claim and they found out she had falsify the paperwork of her lost wages and are now looking at a federal charge of wire fraud.

If you can prove it file you should file your claim now

This has been in the news I guess to tell people how bad the consequences of filing a false BP claim, but remember if you feel like you have a BP claim you can always file it and see what BP says to your claim and your documentation that back up your claim. Just keep it all legit with the documentation you provide.

Increase in BP claims is normal

I think that the November 23 dead line of BP emergency claims has come as a surprise to many people that was waiting around to see the true results of the oil spill and what it would do to their business or their income. That the BP claims are rising now when the dead line gets closer is only a normal time line. You can’t know the extend of something before its truly over, and the BP oil spill was not capped before September 23 2010. The gulf claims facility started August 23 and saw files increasing though September and October, I would says that is only a normal progression.

Why would people go though this complicated BP claims process more than one time, it looks like everybody are making claims for the full 6 month as that is what an emergency BP claim is setup for 6 month of emergency claims. I think that people file now up to the dead line is fully understandable.

Again remember you are not committing a crime if you file a BP claim and get denied for your claim as the media is trying to portray, you are filing a BP claim for your connection to the BP oil spill and what it has cost you or your business. So file your BP claims now