Oil Spill 2010 – The Devastating Environmental Consequences of Oil Spill in 2010

April 20, 2010 started the oil spill 2010, it  is a day which most people, living on the shores of Gulf of Mexico, would not like to remember. It was the day when the greatest Oil spill 2010 incident happened which left them devastated. An oil rig exploded and killed 11 workers while injuring many more people. 5000 barrels of oil was being spilled out into the waters every day from the three pipe breaks.

Oil Spill 2010 cause

There is no clear understanding of the cause of this explosion. However, it was found out that the equipment which is used to control the formation of pressure was the actual cause. The federal government has made BP responsible for the oil spill 2010 disaster. After an internal probe, British Petroleum has admitted that it was the mistake of the staff and agreed to pay compensation for all the damage done.

Oil Spill 2010 Clean Up

BP started the clean up process and setup a separate fund of $20 billion. President Obama felt that there was a definite need for environmental reforms. The national coast guard has agreed with the innovative plan of BP to dispense chemicals under water which can prevent the spreading of oil.

The Federal Government has offered a helping hand to the company in cleaning up of the waters. The Department of Homeland Security has setup an office in Alabama and Louisiana and deployed more than 50 boats for the clean up process. They also placed foam booms and recovered more than 20,000 barrels of oil. Interior department has deployed several teams to inspect other drilling rigs.

The navy agreed to help BP and offered their base to carry the operations. National coast guards are also assisting the clean up process. This incident is considered as a national disaster and a team composed of 16 federal agencies is coordinating with the clean-up team.

Environmental lovers also joined hands with the operations team to bring back life to normal. Oil spill poses a great threat to marine habitat and wild life. Many birds and animals died as they were drowned due to the sticky waters. Volunteers from America and Mexico joined the clean up team and assisting them in all ways. The air quality is being monitored by Environmental Protection Agency and the impact of the burning is estimated.

The Presidents response to the Oil Spill 2010

In view of this great oil spill 2010 disaster, President Obama and his administration expressed great concern for environmental reforms. The government is looking for safer ways to reduce environmental damages while extracting oil. New drilling is abandoned till the exact cause for this disaster is identified. No one is sure how this oil spill is going to affect the eco system of the waters.

However, it is the utmost duty of every nation to make sure that these incidents do not happen again. As an individual, every one should try to reduce the consumption of oil and natural gases so that the demand for these resources will reduce. Let us take this as a wake up call and strive for a greener tomorrow. We all hope that will will never see another oil spill 2010 for the rest of our lives.