Doing Your BP Settlement Yourself

I have gotten a lot of question from people that ask me if they can do their BP settlement themselves.  My answer is yes you can do the BP settlement yourself, but you might as well go to Las Vegas and try your luck on the roulette.

That is about the gamble you will be taking when going into the BP settlement with out an attorney to guide you. Why is that you ask ? because the BP settlement is may up by attorneys and the very complicated language that is associates with the different claims you can file and when you qualify for one claim and one payout and one multiplier its very complicated trust me I read the 1022 page document.

BP Settlement Zones Southeast Louisiana

The attorney will work all you documents up for you and give you a number before opt. in to the BP settlement, you will not go in blind not knowing what you are getting before you opt in.

They will tell you here is the number we want you to sign off  on before entering the BP settlement. If you get this number will you sign a release before entering into the BP settlement.

If you go by yourself you will opt in to the BP settlement with out possibility of ever opting out. You will sign a final release with out knowing the number you are getting.

If you Opt in to the BP settlement you sign a release before knowing what they will pay you please understand that part.

Why Don’t I Use A Consultant To Do My Claim They Are Cheaper ?

If the consultant has enough money to pay you after you file a lawsuit against  him after he screws up your BP settlement claim then I would say for sure go with a consultant.

Because then you have two option go in blind to the BP settlement hope as hell it lands on your number, if it does not file suit against your “consultant” for his misrepresentation and guidance in the matter.

This is a legal settlement and the last time I check a so called consultant can not give out legal advice.

So how will he advice you if its correct to opt in to the BP settlement or not ?  Short answer to that is he can’t so he will make you take the decision again for all the money if you should opt in or out of the BP settlement.

So if that is the case why do you need a consultant ?

Here are your 3 option in the BP Settlement

1. Do it yourself take a gamble

2. Hire an consultant and file suit against him if the gamble does not work

3. Fire your consultant and hire an attorney right now.

I know that attorneys are expensive yes they charge from 25% -33% of what you get in your claim and if you feel like you claim is not worth that then choose option 1 or 2 . If you feel like you have some serious money coming your way and don’t want to gamble on the amount then fill out a form and hire an attorney to handle your case. If you like filing suit and get money from people that screw up sign up with an consultant and remember to ask them what kind of policy they have in place if you have to file suit against them one day. Find out how big a company you are working with, find out who you are working with.

What Does An Attorney Offer In The BP Settlement Process

When you first fill out a form on this website from our advertisers you will find nice people that return your call and will talk to you about your BP settlement case. After having a little talk about your case the attorney probably want to sign you up if your case is good. After you sign up with the attorney you will have to provide the documents the attorney is asking for.  When the attorney has all the documents he will send your case to the CPA that will work up your case and present the numbers on the case to the attorney. When the attorney gets you case back from the CPA with the numbers he expect you to get, its time for the attorney to advice you what you best options are for maximum recovery. After he has adviced you what you legal rights are in the BP settlement and by going directly to BP with your case its up to you to decide if you want to take your attorneys advice or if you want to do something different. Its your choice in the end but I will strongly suggest that you list to your attorney as that is why you hired him in the first place.

I Made A Mistake I Want To Fire My Consultant

I know it happens to the best of us, so how do you go about getting out of the contract you sign with him.?  Here is what you do. Hire an attorney and tell him about the company that you sign a contract with for consulting work, the attorney will help you out of the situation as  in many states the percentage or contingency fee the consultant is charging your are illigal in most states anyway. The attorney will get you out of the contract in no seconds flat with a simple phone call or letter to the consulting firm that you have sign up with. Don’t worry about that the import thing is you corrected the mistake before it became costly to you and no harm was done to your claim and the attorney will treat your claim the same as the other claims he is working up. What the consultant did for you will not be use in way as the CPA the attorney has will be more trusted in the BP settlement anyway. Get your claim over to an attorney today from a consultant by simply telling the attorney about the consultant that you sign a contract with.