April 2013 BP Claims Update

Its been a while and I do apologize for that, its just been a busy time. Let me give a quick update on where we are at and what is going on right now.

BP Settlement Latest News

So Firday the 19 of April the lawyers filed their complaint for all the people that opt out of the BP settlement. You can see a copy of the complaint the lawyers filed on your behalf if you are an opt out here

Its a document in PDF that is 291 pages long so make sure that your computer can handle it. So if you are with the attorney Brent Coon & Associates or D Miller & Associates I would suggest you do the following if you have opt out of the BP settlement.

Open up the document and save it to your computer. When you have it saved to your computer then you can go under edit and find and that will bring up a search field. Now search for your personal claim or business claim by name to make sure you are on the list.

If you are part of this group about 10,000 people that just filed suit against BP here is what will happen next.

BP Oil Spill Claims Update Phase 1

So the lawsuit has been filed in Federal court if you live in Florida or Louisiana and in State court in Houston Texas if you live in Alabama or Mississippi. There are a few reasons why the attorneys have done this that I will not go into here but this is where you lawsuit it. Most likely the lawsuits will end up with Judge Barbie in New Orleans in the MDL and from there go back out to state court again. This is just a matter of how things are working in an MDL and when judge Barbie gets the cases back to the state courts or Houston Texas the fun begins.

Everybody Are Looking For A Trial Date On Their BP Claims Lawsuit

Now comes the wait where the attorneys will wait for the trial judge to put any of their cases on the trial calender for trial. Normal wait time in USA is 18 month from lawsuit to trial. There are tons of pre-trial motions and other fun stuff going on between now and trial but once that first trial date is set, the clock starts ticking for BP.

If BP don’t want to try these cases at trial they will have to settle them before the trial start or before the jury reaches their verdict so the lawyers will have the advantage when a case is up for trial. Many times in the past I have seen one case come up for trial and the lawyers will settle 100-200 cases on that one case that is up for trial. This will most likely also happen in this case.

You will all hear from your lawyers on what they need from you to make your case ready for trial, if you are one of the cases with very little documentation don’t worry to much just give them what you have nothing more and nothing less. But keep in contact with the attorneys and make sure to give them your new contact information if you move.

The wait will be painful for many, and hard to handle as there is no money coming why we wait. Also why BP has made the Settlement open ended to opt back in but you can never opt back out. I have seen many many offers that has come back with we already paid you x,xxx and you have nothing more coming. People ask me what they can do about and I have to tell them nothing. When you are in the settlement you have to take what they give you and there is nothing lawyers or judges can do about it. So if you can stay opted out and wait for trial no mater how hard it gets. When trial comes the cards are all in favor of the attorney you are with and at that point you should see justice and you getting what you are owed.

What Is Going On In The Current Liability Trial Against BP

The liability trial against BP has gone on for a few month now and its really boring but here is what is at stake. If BP loose its 4 times as much they have to pay. So it goes from like 5 Billion to 20 Billion. If they loose people that work on the water like fishermen can possibly get punitive damages. On the other hand if BP don’t loose the trial and only have to pay 5 billion maybe they have some billion left over that they can settle all the civil lawsuits with so you sometimes have to be careful what you wish because if BP takes a big hit in this trial they might not be so willing to pay the civil lawsuits that are coming after. Then again if BP gets over confident over a win in the liability trial maybe they will fight the civil trials harder. Its tough to say but we have a good judge that will make the right call on this one I think.

 BP Claims Payment Update

So the Deepwater Horizon settlement fund keeps paying out money on claims that have been processed. Its taking forever because there is now over 150,000 claims in the settlement. Also the BP appeals on most claims are slowing down the process. I am hearing that they have hired 100 new processors to speed up the claims processing but we have to wait and see how much faster its going.

Gulf Coast Claims Facility Updates

All the people that filed a claim with the GCCF and was in GCCF Claims Processing will now have to fill out new forms with the Deepwater Horizon Settlements. If you are a business you should probably have an attorney do all this work for you. If you are an individual I would suggest you visit one of the Deepwater Horizon claims offices find the list here. Deepwater Horizon BP Claims Centers.

If you are looking for a GCCF Claims Update it will not come as they are closed and now you have to file with the Deepwater Horizon People.

BP Oil Spill News Update

Just last week BP said that in four states the clean up work was done, this would be all states but Louisiana, we all know that is some BS that they are letting out to the press and the media. We also know that this oil spill will haunt them for the rest of this companies life as the long term effects of this oil spill and the use of Corexit as a clean up process will make many people sick going forward. If you are still looking to get your BP claims done please fill out a form.

BP Claims Settlement Close | BP Trial Delayed 1 Week

As I talked about in the post last week the BP claims settlement with the attorneys are very close, if you missed this post go down below this post and see what I expect as new multipliers for people with legitimate claims.

BP Claims Settlement

If you have an attorney already or you are with Brent Coon & Associates as most people reading this blog are, you are set and your settlement will go though the attorney steering committee when the settlement is announced.

If you are still not represented by an attorney its time to get in on this an request the representation of Brent Coon & Associates fill out the form on the right hand side of this page. After you have filled out the form you will be taken to the request for representation page for Brent Coon & Associate.

Its very important for your claim and for Brent Coon & Associates to take your case that you can prove your losses. Its also very important that you can tie those losses to the BP oil spill, and not just a case of the general economy.

If you have a legitimate claim and if you have not been helped by the GCCF or even been denied by the GCCF, we want to see your BP claim.

Smoking Gun Before the BP Claims Trial Guarantees settlement

The worst thing that could happen to BP would be a finding of gross negligence this could cost BP over 50 Billion dollars and could introduce punitive damages for many of the BP claims today with the attorneys.

So the smoking gun was the phone call that came from Donald Vidrine, the senior BP manager on the Deepwater Horizon rig on April 20, 2010, he talked with an engineer about unsatisfactory well tests less than an hour before an explosion killed 11 workers on the rig.

Donald Vidrine nor the engineer did anything about these unsatisfactory well tests and this negligence then caused the biggest oil spill in US history. This is central to the case and to much of a gamble for BP to risk it all at trial.

BP Claims Settlement Should Give Real Money To The Victims NOW!

This BP Claims settlement that the attorneys are negotiating right now will give real money to the victims of the BP oil spill and it will give people and business money in a timely manner.

It will make the multipliers higher and it will give people that live off the water a possible bonus payment as these people could possible have gotten punitive damages at trial.

So what can we predict about this BP Claims settlement ? First off it will be much better numbers than what GCCF are going out with to people. Why ? Well because the attorneys have to get a better settlement than what can be had though the GCCF or they would go to trial with every single case and get the money at trial.

What do you need to do to be part of this settlement ? First you have to be represented by an Attorney. If you are not with an attorney today get with one now as this thing will go down in the next 7 days.

How fast will money be paid out ? First off if you have a case that has already been worked up by a CPA or claims processor for the attorneys the money could come very quickly. Like within 30 days of this settlement. If you have not presented proof of your losses yet to the attorneys this needs to be done first before you can get your BP claims settlement payment.

No more GCCF bullshit and no more denials on fake grounds and playing games with a low ball offer.

If this settlement get put in place, the GCCF will have to follow the numbers of the attorneys settlements or they will be out of business.

What Should You Do Now ?

If you are already with an Attorney make sure that he has worked up your case, make sure that you have provided documentation for you case so he can work it up.

The number one thing we are missing are for business and individuals to send in their paperwork to get their case worked up.

If you are still not represented by an attorney or if you have had somebody else work up your case for you that are not an attorney you need to move your case over to an attorney NOW.

If you have followed this blog for a while we provide attorneys and you can sign up by filling out the form on the right hand side of this page.

When Will We Know About This BP Claims Settlement ?

If we get the BP Claims Settlement that we are hoping for it will be in the next 7 days, so we are very close and there is no time to waist right now in getting this done.

You can file you claim with BP for the next year but as you want your claim paid off as soon as possible getting in on this now is important. Keep an eye on this blog my next post will be about the BP Claims settlement and its structure.