Claims Processed by a BP Claims Office

The BP Company has promised to compensate all individuals, businesses and families who were affected by the accidental oil spill and release of hazardous gases in Texas.  A BP Claims office facilitates claims for such compensation.  There are about 30 offices spread all over USA.  Just what kinds of claims are processed by these offices?

BP Claims Office Business Claim

This type of compensation is given to businesses whose operations have been suspended because of the oil spill.  To put it simply, people who have been deprived of their livelihood due to the closing of an industry brought about by the spill are entitled to this claim.  The money obtained from the settlement can then be used to start up the business once again.  If you are not sure if your losses are grave enough to merit the approval of your claim, you can approach an officer or any authorized personnel at a BP claims office, send mail or fill up a form online to expedite your request.

BP Claims Office Individual BP Claim

Individual BP claims are the most common ones processed by BP claims offices.  These claims are given to individuals to pay for expenses or losses that include oil removal, oil cleanup cost, lost of earnings, physical injury or death, and damage to real property such as a house, car or boat.  The office needs to see proofs of your losses when you apply for oil claims.  You also need to provide evidence of your identity.  Upon presentation of these requirements, the BP claims office will investigate and assess your application and determine the damage done.

Be careful of persons posing as claims officers who are, in reality, scammers.  Do not give out money for them to process your application.  More importantly, before visiting any BP claims office, you need to assess what kind of claims you are eligible for. This will facilitate successful filing of a claim.