Proving “legitimate” BP claims is tough

How do you prove that you BP Claim is legitimate ? BP has vowed to pay all legitimate claims so its important to read the rules of what you need to prove to the BP claims office to get your oil spill claim processed as fast as possible.

First you have to document the nature of the lost, could be a lost of job or lost of revenue for your business. Then a specific amount of the claim. Now remember this could go on for years, but for right now specify the month prior that your have had a lost and what that amounts to.

Paperwork that you should use to prove your legitimate BP claim could be, tax records, W-2, trip tickets, deposit slips, boat registration, copy of your fishing licenses. The documents you use are all dependent on the kind of claim you are filling but this is just some ideas of what could be used.

In some cases you can go to the BP claims offices and get help with your claim and get to know exactly what paper work to use in your filling. As more and more BP oil spill claims are filled its important that you get your claim in also.