Very Important Deadline April 20 2011 BP Oil Spill

There is a very important deadline that you need to pay attention to. April 20, 2011 marks the one year anniversary of the BP oil spill, it also marks the date that some of the companies involved in the oil spill will walk away free and clear of any new claims that might arise from future claims. Even if you have already filed with GCCF it does not matter, the corporate defendant Trans Ocean will walk away on April 20, 2011 and never have to answer for the mistakes they made on the Deepwater Horizon platform. Unless you hold them accountable.

Trans Ocean Claims Deadline April 20 2011

If you have not taken the step yet to contact an attorney to handle your cases, now might be a really good time so the attorney can get you in before the April 20, 2011 deadline to file cases against Trans Ocean. It’s like this, you would want to go after as many different companies as possible when you file a case, and if some of the companies are being released after April 20, 2011 then you want to get your paperwork in before. Attorney’s are filing for all their clients before April 20, 2011 to give them that option. Its better to keep the door open for a lawsuit, it can give your case more weight, once it comes time to negotiate a settlement from GCCF.
When does it make sense Dollar wise to contact an attorney for your BP Claim

People Missing Paper Work When They File Final Claims

So if you have lost $5,000 last year, I would suggest that you file a claim with the GCCF and try and work it out with them. See if they will pay you direct. If the money you have lost is much more, I would suggest you go with  an attorney. Here is the thing, last Friday Mr. Feinberg from the GCCF came out and said 20% of all final claims filed will be paid now. So what he is really saying is that 80% of all final claims will be denied, and it is most likely because of missing paperwork. Here is where you don’t want to take a chance that your GCCF final claim is filed incorrectly. You want to follow somebody that has a cheat sheet, that knows how the claim and supporting paper work should be filed. This is why you might need an attorney.

New 800 number on

I will try as long as I can to answer peoples questions about the process and give people the best advice I can give, based on what I personally know about the GCCF, the claims process and what you should do in the situation they are currently in. Mind you these are only my thoughts on your situation, combined with my knowledge of how the system works. I am not liable in anyway. The 800 number will be located on top of the page, and if you have a question you can call me directly. I don’t know what kind of call volume I should expect, but if I am on another call please leave a message and I will return the call. The number is 1-888-842-5246. Again I am not an attorney I am just a regular guy that has been following this very closely and I have a lot of contact with Attorney’s that give me information on the process. These attorney’s are working on over 8,000 oil spill cases and know what the GCCF is looking for.