Deepwater Horizon Settlement On Track They Say ?

On the latest statistics from the Deepwater Horizon Settlement fund they say they are on track to start paying out in August of 2012, I am not sure what track they are on but its not the same track that thousand of families waiting for BP money is on. They have said they spend a year on putting this BP settlement together but now they have waisted 2 month on getting ready. The latest stats tells us they are in the process of  getting about 9,000 claims ready for an offer out of about 38,000 claims received.

The question I have is there a reason why they have claims already processed and just sitting there and waiting to be send out. If they have been processing for 2 month now almost, why not just send out the offer when they are done processing, its almost like they are waiting to get funded before sending out offers.

The second problem that is coming up is the October 1 2012 deadline, if they don’t get everything processed and send back out they might loose a big part of the attorney base. The people I have talked to will pull out 70-80% of their claims before October 1 2012 because of the risk to the law firm in keeping the client in the Deepwater Horizon Settlement. After the settlement its trial and lawsuits on everything.

Is It To Late To File A Deepwater Horizon Settlement Claim ?

If you are still not sure how to file a claim with the Deepwater Horizon Settlements, it might be time for you to contact and attorney to handle all your claims processing for you. The good thing about getting with an attorney is the legal advice they can give you as we get closer to the October 1 2012 deadline for opt out of the Deepwater Horizon Settlements. If you do nothing you are automatic in the Deepwater Settlement and that might not be the best thing for you. That is why you need to talk to an attorney so they can advice you on your options.

This settlement is not easy to understand, its not easy to know what documents you should send in and what forms needs to be filled out. If you complete the form on the right hand side an attorney will contact you and give you a free consultation on your specific claim with the Deepwater Horizon Settlement fund. Just remember the October 1 2012 deadline for opting out of the settlement is very important, these people have screwed you over for 2 years now and they will continue to do so if you don’t get an attorney to protect your rights.

What Claims Are Getting Paid First

Its very clear from the statistic on the Deepwater Horizon Website that individual claims and business claims are getting a priority in the processing of the claims, from the look of things you would think that it would be VOO claims as they should be very easy to process as the document load is minimal but that is just not the case. You can have  a look below at the numbers of cases being processed right now 35% are individual claims and 19% are business claims. As everybody is waiting for money on the Gulf Coast I am not sure if this is fair or not but sitting on claims and not sending out notices makes no sense to me. Get the claims processed and send out the notices and paid the people, everybody have waited long enough.

deepwater Horizon Settlements

Will They Get The Payments Out Before The Deepwater Horizon Fund Gets Shut Down?

Many people that I talk to don’t think the Deepwater Horizon Settlements will make it past the Fairness hearing in November, if that is the case the deadline of October 1 2012 means nothing because the Settlement will not be in place after November 2012. However if the Deepwater Horizon Settlement does make it though the fairness hearing then you will be stuck with your opt in if you do nothing before October 1 2012. What will the attorneys do when the deadline gets near ? Will the slow pace of processing and paying claims influence them ? Will the calculations and offers being received this week influence them ? Will they hand pick cases to opt out or just opt out all of them ? First off I think the attorneys will need the clients approval for the opt out, so I guess it comes down to what the client thinks about this new settlement before we can see a trend in the opt outs. Right now after waiting another 2 month I am giving the settlement a C- but I sure how it will prove me wrong over the next few weeks.