GCCF Gets Handed Big Loss By BP Claims Judge Barbier

The latest in the GCCF and BP Claims story is Judge Barbier on Friday told BP attorney’s that Punitive damages in oil spill cases are something that people can go after. This might not sound like much but for people that are sign up with us its a huge win. This means that the GCCF now knows they have to settle all cases before trial. They have to ad the possibility of punitive damages to their settlement number and this will mean that the number gets a big deal higher.

GCCF BP Claims Update

GCCF ,BP Claims Process and Punitive damages

As I am not an attorney I had to go and research the punitive damages a little bit to understand who can go after them and how they work. I think Wikipedia explains punitive damages best. “intended to reform or deter the defendant and others from engaging in conduct similar to that which formed the basis of the lawsuit. Although the purpose of punitive damages is not to compensate the plaintiff, the plaintiff will in fact receive all or some portion of the punitive damage award.

So if the jury find that BP and its partners could and should have avoided the oil spill and if the GCCF did not take care of a claimant when they should have taken care of a claimant then punitive damages can be awarded.

Lets take an example: A charter fisherman goes for 1 year and gets not a dime from the GCCF, the charter fisherman does everything he is suppose to do to claim his loss with the GCCF but the GCCF for what ever reason does not pay him. That would be a situation where the claimant in court could ask for punitive damage and amount above the actual damages.

Another example would be I think that BP and the other partners in the liability trial gets found liable where they should have been able to avoid the spill. In this cases it opens up the door I would think for everybody to go for punitive damages against BP.

GCCF Get A Second Loss On  Vessel Of Opportunity (VOO)

The second loss on Friday for BP and the GCCF is the Vessel Of Opportunity where Judge Barbier told BP that VOO owners can go after BP and the GCCF in court for damages to their boats and contract disputes of boats not getting paid. This would make 3,000 + boat owners eligible for going after BP for damages resulting from their work in the VOO program. It could be that people that have been getting sick from working the VOO program could get in under this section in the trials.

GCCF Third loss of the day Moratorium Claims

The third loss was another big one the moratorium claims where the GCCF and BP has said that it was the government and the president that enacted the Moratorium on drilling and they should not be liable for people that lost money and work because of the moratorium. The judge said that moratorium case could go forward and go to trial if the GCCF was not ready to settle them. So if  you case has not been settled by the GCCF ask for a free case review and get your case in to the attorney’s