BP Settlement And Quick Pay’s Releases

The Quick Pay system that the GCCF was using to get people to sign off with BP for small money like $5,000 and $25,000 was working well for the GCCF, by their own statistics almost 200,000 people got paid this way.

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I am not saying this was a bad thing as it was an easy payment solution for people that did not want to go though  the hassle of paperwork and waiting for processing. I would say in most cases the Quick Pay was a good thing for most people especially BP.

BP Claims Quick Pay Settlement

Now what I do have a big problem with, and I hope it gets addressed by this BP settlement is the fact that Oystermen, Shrimpers and Crabbers got paid $5,000 on the docks when they came in, and had to sign a contract not to sue right there on the docks to get their $5,000 check.

Clear Injustice In BP Claims Quick Pay To Seafood Industry

That was a clear injustice that the GCCF and BP did there especially after it has become clear what trouble their industry is in now, its very clear that $5,000 does not cover an oysterman’s losses from the BP oil spill. Its very clear that $5,000 does not cover  shrimpers losses from the oil spill.

I hope that the BP settlement will address this with make up payments to seafood harvesters, the class of people I am talking about here is very limited and there might be 20,000 people in all in this group that was clearly taken advantage off by the GCCF and BP.

If this injustice does not get taken into account in the BP settlement I will take it on myself to mount a court battle with BP over the faith of these people that clearly were lured into accepting money for something that they had no idea what the scope of the problem was. On top of that the losses that the seafood industry have had since the oil spill, have made even the tightest purse strings open up. The lasted was when Kenneth Feinberg offered this group 4 times their 2010 losses.

BP Settlement Should Address This Problem

I would hope the BP settlement takes this small group into account when finalizing the BP settlement and let this group come back to the table and get a make up payment for their losses. This would eliminate a future court battle with an organized group of seafood harvesters fighting for their real losses from the BP oil spill.

Right now its not being addressed in what I have seen from the BP settlement but I hope this appeal will change that if its not to late. If its to late I would suggest we all get organized and bring the case to the courts to decide.

Now I want to make this very clear, this is only for the seafood group of quick pay recipients, this is not everybody that took a quick pay. I am sure there are other groups that took a quick pay that did it under duress because they had to have the money to keep their house or truck or to buy food. I am not saying that this was fair in anyway.

This appeal however goes out for a group of people who’s lively hood was changed because of the BP oil spill that has boats, equipment and skill sets that can only be used to harvest seafood. This group has been responsible for the good seafood we all enjoy. This group has been side tracked and taken advantage of by BP and the GCCF and this group should get another shot at compensation.

Lawsuit for Quick Pay Recipient in the Seafood Industry

If the BP settlement process does not take care of the seafood quick pay recipients attorneys will, and this will be a nightmare trial for BP. Could you imagine a shrimper that has lost everything going to trial and BP have to defend that $5,000 compensated is this guy for all his losses. They will also have to defend that this poor guy signed a contract not to sue BP. I think this lawsuit would end very badly for BP, both in the media and in court.

So a shout out to the people finishing up the BP settlement to put some wording in there for seafood people to be able to get a make up payment if their Quick Pay is deemed inadequate for their situation.

Now I am making this appeal because I have the medium to do so in my blog. I will help this group by writing here, if the settlement does not address this problem I will address this problem in future blog post when the time is right and we will get everybody organized with one attorney that will take the fight at the courts.

Please do not fill out forms for this right now its not the right time to get attorneys to deal with this problem. Lets wait until the time is right, I know waiting is not what most of you guys want to do right now, but we have to get an attorney to be on board to do this work and I don’t have that at this time.

I will not forget this issue and will come back to it.