STOP ! Don’t Settle For Less With GCCF

I am sure by now most of you have seen the GCCF methodology for final claims and everybody is scratching their head saying they call it 2 years, but since they include 2010 in the 2 years of payments they are really only paying me for 1 year extra. So let me just tell you guys to STOP. Do not take the GCCF low ball offer. Do not sign on the dotted line, and go with the offer they have on the table. It`s not in your best interest.

Don’t Settle For Less With GCCF

The truth of  the matter is that when GCCF put out their methodology they where hoping to get 10 -20% of people to jump on this,  and get these people out of the way. They know that if they go to court with these low 12 month settlement numbers or a factor, they know they are going to get their shirt handed back to them. The numbers are way to low and they are 3-4 years off what they need to be. So stop what you are doing and get a free evaluation of your claim by an attorney, and let them take a look at your case before you settle with GCCF for less than what you should.

How does the Free Case evaluation work with the Attorney’s

People might be uneasy with the free case evaluation by an attorney so let me explain how this system works. First you will fill out the form on the right hand side and the attorney’s will get all your information and with that information in hand give you a call. Once you talk to the attorney they will tell you what other paper work you need to send in to document your case. If you send that paper work to them they will give you an idea of what your claim is worth.

Normally with a factor 3-5 years out from what you lost in 2010. At this time you can say that sounds great let me try and convince GCCF that is what I should be getting or you can say please help me get what I deserve from GCCF and sign up with the attorney’s. Its your call all the way, of what you want to do.

At this point you have a pretty go idea of what GCCF is offering you, the factor 2 as they call it for you losses in 2010. (remember they count year 2010 as 1 and they will pay you the same in 2011). So they are offering you 1 year of payment for what you lost in 2010 you will be paid by them in 2011.

Why not get a second opinion on your claim big or small and see if there is not more money out there for you to cover your losses.

What is the cost by going with the attorney’s ?

First off its a FREE evaluation, so its free to for them to look at your claim and give you an idea of what you should expect they can get you in a final claim from GCCF.

After you sign up with the attorney’s  its still free until they get you the final claims payment. After you receive the final claims payment the attorney’s are paid for their work out of your final claims payment.

The normal rate is 20% of your final claims payment. So here you have to figure what can GCCF give me and what can I get if I use an attorney. If the numbers is more than 20% more by using an attorney this should be the way to go.

In other words GCCF is telling you they will pay you for 2011 or 12 month. So you have to add 20% to the 12 month getting you 14.4 month. So lets call it 15 month, anything above 15 month of payments would make it profitable to use attorney’s and not to deal with the GCCF by yourself. Also I am not counting the headaches  and wasted time that dealing with the GCCF will give you.

All I am asking is that you explore this option to not settle for less with the GCCF.