Is it a Bp Claim or a BP Lawsuit ?

We all know that Louisiana was the hardest hit state with the BP oil spill and now it also looks like its the hardest hit state on many fronts getting money out of BP and the BP claims facility. There are a whole industry that has been forgotten by the media that has been hurt by the BP oil spill, but when they try to file a claim they are met with denial from BP claims administrator Ken Feinberg.

The 6 month Drilling Ban

There are many different stories I want to relate here and I am sure they will end up being Oil Spill Lawsuits as they are not clear cut cases. The first case involves the whole industry supplying the Oil industry. When President Obama did his 6 month ban on drilling in the gulf of Mexico it hurt 1,000 of small companies that make their living off the oil industry in the gulf. Most of these companies are residing in Louisiana and they are now looking to the BP claims fund for compensation for their losses.

Well the BP claims fund has taken the position that they are not responsible for Mr. Obama’s 6 month ban on drilling and they will not pay compensation on these claims, even though a smart lawyer could prove that if it was not for the oil spill the 6 month ban would never have happened in the first place. So at that point the blame for the 6 month ban would be the BP oil spill.

This will go to trial  on who will pay these poor people their compensation, for a oil spill that was not their fault.  This 6 month ban by the way, that was officially lifted last month, has still not given anybody the right to deep water drilling, making the situation of the small business still the same with no orders and a total lost of 6-8 month of business.  The government are saying that nobody are getting drilling permits because of new tighter safety measures in the gulf of Mexico after the BP oil spill.

This might change now that the election is over and the political buying of your votes are over, and as we can all see that oil is heading above $90 a barrel getting new drilling permits in place are vital for the continues grows of this economy.