BP Claim Center

BP Claim Center

The BP oil spill disaster has done great damage to the economy and BP who is responsible for this entire mess have to pay compensations to those who has beenĀ  affect by the disaster. People or companies who have lost their source of income due to the Deepwater Horizon Gulf oil spill are qualified for compensations from BP. If you have not filed your BP claim yet do it now.

Some of the business that are affected the most includes: fishing, tourism, property damange and boat owner, shipping business, vacationers who have lost their vacation deposit and even expenses, restaurant owners and employees, and the cruise ship employees. If you have lost your income you have to claim your compensation from BP.

To file a BP claim there are actually three ways to do this.

BP Claim Center hotline

First, you must call the deepwater horizon hotline number which is 1-800-440-0858. Then ask the representative about filing a BP claim

bp claim center

Second, you can actually file a claim online, the forms can be found on BP’s website.

Viisit a BP claim center.

There is actually no charge for filing a claim, all you have to do is chooses one from the above ways. If proven that you have either loss income due to the spill, or has the property damaged by the disaster, or physical injury or illness because of the spill, then you will receive the compensation from BP. Also you will be asked for how much money are needed to cover the expenses, or else if you do not know an exact amount, then they will just ask you for an estimate so that they may give the amount.. The BP Claim center should be a good experince as long as you have your paper work in order and you are filing a real bp claim.

Every claim has a claim number on it unique from others. And this claim number is very important so take a note on it. At the BP claim center the claiming process actually goes like this; the company will call you then ask you for any supporting documentations and may even ask you to meet with them to obtain additional information about you and your damaged property. Then you will be asked for the total estimates of the damage, and for business would be profit and loss statements, and tax returns.

Now go find your local BP Claim Center