BP Claim Denials

BP has been taking care of claims throughout the coast for some time now. With the oil spill damaging local waters and the infamous pictures of pelicans hovering over crude oil covered waters it’s no wonder this has become such a huge issue. However they must be very vigilant about who these claim owners are because with the enormous amount of damage everyone is trying to cash in on the catastrophe.

Now it’s no surprise that anyone and everyone even remotely affected by oil spill is trying to stake a claim. The problem with this is that not everyone is actually eligible and BP needs to be taking care of the ones who have seen real damage. There are a lot of people along the coast and not every person has been affected in the same way by this terrible accident.

The Associated Press claims administrator Kenneth Feinberg said “”I disagree about disarray, there are discrepancies in claims based on documentation and your ability to demonstrate a connection to the spill and your damage.”

This means that a lot of the people making claims are first off, not coming in at a normal time and secondly they are unable to prove that their damages are extensive enough to be worthy of a claim. Now a lot of people may be thinking, if you are affected AT ALL then you are worthy of a claim but the fact of the matter is that there are a ton of areas barely affected and are simply trying to cash in on it.

Since August 23rd 92,000 claims have been settled resulting in about $1.7 billion. Now since this has been going on, around Oct 1st about 100,000 NEW claims came up and raised a lot of eyebrows. During the whole screening of claims process roughly 315,000 claims have been denied due to their inability to prove their damages.

When people try to simply cash in on a claim this makes it increasingly difficult to attend to the areas and people who have been severely affected. BP is already looking at billions of dollars in damage and they must go through the same process as any other company that is getting sued. Yes, sued, that’s exactly what is happening to BP. Certain people jumping in on the bandwagon do not deserve the claim and are simply trying to screw the system.

BP is not trying to cover anything up and is taking full responsibility for the disaster that occurred, but they are also trying to attend to the people and areas that really need it. Not the ones who see money flying in the air and start jumping around reaching for it.

If you think you are eligible for a claim then you need to do your research and get all your facts together. If it seems incredibly hard for you to provide proof that you have been severely affected by the spill then there is a very good chance your claim will be denied by BP.

If you still feel like your have a claim, then contact an attorney and have them look at it. Free Case evaluation