Related Industries That Can File BP Claims

Looking today at related industries that were affected by the BP oil spill, this post is mostly for people that own a business and for them to see the related industry kind of claim that many business are filing for with BP.  I want to concentrate on 3 groups of related industries today and then we can do more related industries in future posts. These related industries have to do with Fishing and since the gulf coast waters where closed for fishing for months during the summer, they all had major damage to their business because of the oil spill

Boat Manufactures have a valid BP Claim

There are boat manufactures all over the country that sell to the Gulf Coast Cities that have been affected, by the BP oil spill. People that were looking to buy a new boat in 2010 did not do so because of the BP oil spill happening on April 20 2010.
This has damaged the boat sales from several boat sales outfits. Once no boats are sold, this will damage the boat manufactures. If you want to take it one step further the parts that goes into the boat like motor, fiber glass, radio and other parts the manufacture of these parts have also been damaged by the BP oil spill. Lets take an example in a very popular boat manufacture down here on the gulf coast the Boston Whaler.
They have been in business enough years to know that in a normal year 20 -25% of their boat sales comes from the gulf coast cities every year. I of course don’t know this number but lets just take that as an example.
When in 2010 the numbers of sales in the gulf coast states fall to 5% of total sales the great company Boston Whaler has been damaged by the BP oil Spill and they are entitled to compensation. There are literally thousand of boat manufactures in USA that are entitled to compensation for their loss of sales because of the BP oil spill, and we can help them get them the money they deserve.

If you now think about your business and how it relates to the water, the gulf coast, customers on the gulf coast, fishing maybe you should fill out a form and lets talk, and see if there is a claim here.

Fishing Tackle Manufactures has a BP Claim

If your business is manufacturing or selling fishing tackle you have a valid claim with GCCF and BP for the disruption to your business in 2010 and beyond, as people where banned from fishing in large parts of the gulf of Mexico. Again if you can show that your region Gulf coast states where down in sales in 2010 compared to 2009 and 2008 you have a valid claim with BP and we can get your the compensation that you need for the damage BP has done to your business. Fishing tackle is bought by tourist as well as local fishermen and none of wich had a great fishing season in 2010 because of the oil spill. This claim will probably also run into 2011, 2012 and 2013 as it will take time to get the tourist back to the coast and people out fishing again.

Bait Shops has a valid BP Claim

You can’t go fishing with out the right bait, and when nobody is fishing, there is nobody buying bait. So the poor people that had bait shops would most likely show 2010 as the worst year in the history of their business because of the oil spill. It was not their fault that BP had the worst oil spill in US history but it sure hurt their business. I want all bait store owners to file a BP claim for the lost to their business in 2010. If you need help with the claim or more power behind your claim please fill out a form on these pages.