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Our phone lines have been flooded with yet another BP mishap, the bad BP gas that was sold in Indiana and Illinois has affected over 10,000 people with cars that will not start and other engine problems.

BP has recalled its gas that contained a higher level of polymeric residue that could stall engines and make it hard for them to start. As always BP has been quick with a cheap solution to the problem. “let us pay your repair bills and the gas that you bough”.

Well that might not be all that it will cost you to have put gas in your car at a BP gas station.

What will happen to your car in 1 year because of the bad BP gas you bought, will your engine hold up ? What about other income you lost because of your car breaking down because of BP’s bad gas ? What about the inconvenience that the car break down had on you and your family ? Is the repair cost and the gas cost enough compensation for what happened when you choose BP for your gas purchase and your car broke down. Did you have to get a rental car ?

BP Bad Gas Lawsuit

BP Bad Gas Lawsuit

We have helped the people in the gulf for 2 years after the worst oil spill in US history get lawyers to fight BP, now it looks like we can help again getting people the compensation they need from purchasing bad BP gas. Please stop the calls and just fill out a form on the right hand side, just put in your contact information and in the comment filed put Bad BP GAS and we will get your information to the lawyers going after BP forĀ  full compensation for your trouble with BP. Let the lawyers fight with BP they will get you the compensation you deserve. Fill out a form now.