Final Claim Settlement From GCCF Is A Joke

After listening to the same story from people getting their final claim settlement offers in the mail from GCCF, its time to write about it, because its the same story that I hear over and over again.

Folks are getting offered a Quick Pay in their final claims offers, $5,000 for individuals and $25,000 for business. I hate to say it but the people in GCCF should be put in jail for their tactic of Delay, Deny and Defend strategy. They are pushing people to take the $5,00o or $25,00o Quick Pay option by sending them out letters, that is the only thing they will offer them.

Final Claim Settlement Is Not Fair

They should be ashamed of themselves by letting people go though all the hassle of putting together paperwork to show the damage,  and then all they are sending back is a  Quick Claim offer that people could have taken if they wanted to in January 2011.  I hope the attorney generals in the different states are watching this and will do something about it.

What the GCCF is doing after 3-4 month of waiting for some people are giving people a little bit of money to let the headache go away, they are not giving them a fair offer for their future losses, they are not giving them a fair offer on their past losses. All they are really doing is making their statistics on their website look like everybody is happy with the Quick Pay, and I can tell you that is not the case.

To minimize the calls I am getting, but if you have to please call, here is a guideline that I would use in judging the final payment that you should be getting.

Final Claim Settlement is you got emergency payment

You final payment offer should be at least 4 times you emergency payment. So if they gave you $10,000 for 6 month you final claim offer should be $40,000. They will deduct the $10,000 they gave you, giving you a $30,000 offer from them. Now if that is enough or not is another question but that should be the offer they should give you.

Final Claim Settlement is you did not get emergency payment

Your final payment should be you 2008 and 2009 average lets say you made $75,000 in average for those 2 years. Now take 2010 and if you made $50,000 because of the oil spill you final claim offer should be the $25,000 difference, and then  times 2 so it should be $50,000.

Again if this is enough I am not sure but that should be the offer they should give you. Why they are not doing this with so many people is again hard to understand, but I am sure they will blame it on the paperwork that was attach to each claim form.

Again we can help getting you what you deserved, we are here to help. Do not accept these low offers to get you to sign off on their final claims offer. Again a bad statistics also on the GCCF website is that most people are smarter than that, so only 6% of all people that has gotten a final settlement offer have accepted it.