GCCF Claims: Do You Need An Attorney?

Do you need an attorney for your GCCF Claims ? I think this is a question that is on many peoples minds while they are waiting, and waiting for GCCF to give them an answer on their GCCF claims, So below I will try and give everybody a view of what the right attorney brings to the table. First a little background, as people that follow this blog know there were not many posts this week, as I have spent the week with attorney’s to find out  what an attorney brings to the table with peoples GCCF claims.

GCCF Claims


GCCF Claims And Attorney’s

The biggest weapon an experienced attorney has, is the ability to file suit against BP. If you look at what GCCF has put up in their methodology for GCCF final claims payments, you should already have a pretty good idea of what they are offering. For a lot of people the 1 year of payments for what BP has done to people lives, is not going to restore them, in fact it is an insult. Families have been split up and jobs that have been lost, 1year of compensation and not knowing what lies a head, is just not enough. So if you select to go with an attorney at this stage you may get  3-5 years of compensation instead of 1. Below is a list of things that an attorney will provide.

GCCF Claims: 3 Reasons You Do Need An Attorney

1) Forensic accounting: This means they will have their experts look at your lost income, and figure your actual loss spread over years.  This calculation will be very different from what GCCF is telling you that their so called “paid for” expects want you to believe. The Forensic accounting will make your GCCF claims much larger than what you think it is.

2) Leverage: Today you have no leverage with the GCCF, they have told you how they will look at the numbers you give them and what you will be paid on your GCCF claims.  They have used their “experts” to calculate what your loses are, and they will pay you accordingly on your GCCF Claims. The GCCF is owned by BP, and BP is paying them to give our as little as possible in GCCF Claims money. An experienced attorney will be able to show the real loses that you have had, and the real future loses you will incur making your GCCF claims much larger. An attorney has leverage with GCCF because they can use their resources to collect the right documents from you, and to present your case in the best possible light. The attorneys we work with have experience with BP. They know how to beat BP in court, and know what it takes to settle with BP. The Attorney has the upper hand when handling your GCCF Claims with BP and GCCF.

3)No fear: When you have already beaten BP in court and are sitting on over 7 million internal BP documents, you have no fear when you are dealing with them. BP employs certain strategies that Attorney`s are  aware of. We have interviewed and dealt with many different attorney’s before we selected the people to handle GCCF claims coming in from this site. We want to help as many people as possible with their GCCF claims. That is why we have selected a team that has the capacity to call people that fill out the forms in less than 1 hour. A quick story from this weeks visit, was an attorney getting up during dinner and calling a person that had just 10 minutes before filled out a form to get their GCCF claims handled by an attorney. It was very impressive to see the compassion they had for people in need.

As you already know the BP does not care about your GCCF claim, they want to settle the claims as fast as possible for as little as possible.  We feel the attorneys we have chosen to work are the best in the country, they will maximize your claim.

Will GCCF Claims Go To Trial ?

If your GCCF claims are under $300,000, its very unlikely that your case will ever go to trial, as GCCF will settle long before that. Remember point 2, Leverage. The attorney literally sits down with 500 similar GCCF claims and settles them all with GCCF in an afternoon. Now you might ask, is this good or bad for your GCCF claim? If your Attorney has clean cases with documentation and accounting that shows why a client should have a certain amount in GCCF final payment, its hard for GCCF to say NO to that number. When you are sitting with 500 similar cases that are all documented with corresponding  Forensic accounting, showing GCCF the projections for you future loses, it puts the GCCF on notice.  When the GCCF and BP know that you have already beaten them in court, and won settlements against BP of over 2 billion dollars, you really don’t want to go back to court if your are BP or GCCF. So most cases will settle, and money will come to the victims of the biggest oil spill in US history rather quick. If you want an attorney to handle your GCCF claims please fill out the form.

GCCF Claim Denied? Don’t Panic!

Nearly half a million people and businesses are expected to file for final claims with BP’s Gulf Coast Claims Facility (GCCF). So far, over 80% of claimants have received the full amount requested.

Roughly 315,000 GCCF Claims have been denied

Some, however, have been denied. Since August 23, 2010, 92,000 claims have been settled at a cost of around $1.7 billion. Roughly 315,000 claims have been denied due to their inability to prove their damages. Many of the claims denied for emergency funds were turned down due to fraudulent reasons. With so many people trying to simply cash in on what they see as an easy win, it has become increasingly difficult to attend to those who really have been affected. If you believe that you are eligible for a claim, do your research and organize your proof. If it is difficult for you to provide proof that you have been severely affected by the spill, then it is highly likely that your claim will be denied by BP. If you still feel like you have a valid claim, then it would be wise to contact an attorney and have them review your situation.

Why a Free Attorney Review might be smart

There are several options to consider if your claim has been denied by BP, or by the Gulf Coast Claims Fund. Your best option would be to contact an attorney and have them review your claim to see if they would be interested in a potential lawsuit against BP. An attorney might be willing to take your case on a contingency basis. This means that instead of paying up front, instead they would receive part of your claims payment as payment for their work. This is a standard contact between you and the law firm giving them the right to litigate your BP claim for you. In return, they would take a fee of 20-40% of your final judgment. If you decide to retain an attorney, you can be safe in the knowledge that the attorney would protect you and work hard to get your claim paid, as this is the only way they would get paid.

On the other hand, you are not required to have an attorney to file your own claim. You have the fundamental right to represent yourself in your claim against BP. This is called suing “pro se”, or representing yourself in the court. It’s not the best plan of action, but it is totally legal and you can collect all the paperwork from the court house where you plan on suing. As a side note, keep in mind that court clerks are forbidden by law from offering you any legal advice. Only attorneys can do this.

Another option would be to file a claim with the National Pollution Fund Center (NPFC). The NPFC is the U.S. Coast Guard’s National Pollution Fund Center and they may accept claims that have been denied by BP or the Gulf Coast Claims Fund, or have taken more than 90 days to resolve. You may file your claim by submitting your paper work to:


4200 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 1000

Arlington, VA 20598-7100

The claim must be submitted by August 23, 2013, within three years of the spill. If your claim is approved, you must then sign a release form to get the claims payment from NPFC. The process of filing your oil spill claim with the NPFC should take no more than sixty days.