Economical Duress A Word GCCF Will Learn To Hate

This also came up last night but with 2 post already written I though I would save this one for today.The word duress as defined by the Black’s Law Dictionary (6th ed.) defines duress as “any unlawful threat or coercion used… to induce another to act [or not act] in a manner [they] otherwise would not [or would]”. Duress is pressure exerted upon a person to coerce that person to perform an act that he or she ordinarily would not perform.

GCCF Giving Victims An Offer They Can’t Refuse

Basically if you sign a contract but you where forced into signing that contract as you had no other options, you have just sign a contract under duress and that is against state law to force somebody into signing a contract. The way GCCF forced people into signing Quick Pay contracts where to put the victims into economical duress by ruining the economy and leaving people with only one option the Quick Pay option from GCCF. As I write this its still the only option to get money now.

In other words, you know in the old gangster movies when the gangster would give the poor person an “offer they couldn’t refuse”

Well today GCCF is giving people an offer they can’t refuse with the Quick Pay offer, people that has taken the Quick Pay Final claims payment and sign off on never to sue BP. These people would much rater wait on a much larger payout eg. a normal final claims. They could not wait however on GCCF  and their delay tactics, they had to sign the agreement under economical duress as their situation was so that the money had to come in now. They had to get the money now to keep a roof over their heads and to feed their family. The victims of the oil spill was in econmical duress when they sign the final claims paper work to get their Quick Pay and by any state law that is now not a legal binding contract.

The Mississippi Hero Attorney General Jim Hood

Lucky for all the victims of the oil spill there are good people out there listing to victims and to stories of extortion tactics that GCCF has been using to get the victims of the BP oil spill to take the Quick Pay. One of these good people are Mississippi’s Attorney General Mr. Jim Hood. He filed  the following “Statement of Interest” on Jan 24 2011 on behalf of the State of Mississippi. Click here for the document

the Attorneys General have a significant and immediate interest in ensuring that BP, through the GCCF, properly provides the citizens and businesses of
the Gulf region with the full measure of compensation to which they are entitled by law. This includes, but is not limited to, the right to appropriate compensation without the requirement of  providing a Release that violates the law or public policy or which was procured as a result of economic duress.

What does that mean for you

Now what all this mean is the following.

People that had to take the Quick Pay for GCCF because they couldn’t wait any longer for money and where under economical duress when they sign the final claims release form, these  88,000 people can now go back again and sue BP. This time with an attorney and explain their economical situation and claim economical duress when they signed the GCCF papers.

If GCCF makes the victims sign final claims contracts while under economical duress the GCCF is breaking state law as the GCCF is headed by a bunch of attorney’s I am sure economical duress is not a word they are unfamiliar with but as they feel like they are dealling with numbers and not people they didn’t give a S…

So now the 88,000  victims that did this while under economical duress could be free of their obligations to never sue BP.  If this is done by attorney’s there is a very good chance that the victims that sign a BP release form are off the hook and can go after BP again with a lawsuit and get what our hero Mr Jim Hood calls an “appropriate compensation” and not this $5,000 Quick Pay BS.

So all you people out there that feel you might be in this situation its time to contact and attorney. As you are reading this there is a form on the right to the attorney’s I have teamed up with. They are all good people that can take care of you if you feel you are in the situation that I have mentioned above.