BP Claims Lawsuit Less than 2 Months Away

The BP Claims Lawsuit is going to be one of the biggest legal battles in US history is set to take place in February of 2012. More than 120,000 claimants have stepped forward to join in the federal lawsuit against BP and other energy companies, claiming personal and financial losses after last year’s disastrous BP oil spill in the Gulf Coast. Its not to late for you to do the same and say to hell with the GCCF, I want to get my compensation. The legal proceedings are expected to reach all the way to the Supreme Court.

BP Claims Lawsuit

Were BP and Other Companies Simply Negligent?

BP shouldered much of the blame for the oil spill that killed 11 workers and dropped 155 million gallons of oil into the Gulf, but they aren’t the only ones being sued. Transocean and Halliburton are being taken to task for the 2010 accident in the Gulf.

One of the lead lawyers on case states that there has never been any other US case tried that has been so complex and on such a large scale.
BP has already taken most of the finger pointing for the spill, but officials of the corporation are preparing evidence stating that the Deep Water Horizon accident actually happened due to multiple parties and is consistently pointing to other’s involvement in the accident.

February 27, 2012 is the official date to begin the BP claims trial for this first issue. The goal is to prove which party was most at fault: Transocean, who owned the rig, BP, who leased the rig, or Halliburton, who was responsible for laying the cement for the rig.
Another key component of the trial is proving whether a judge should find any or all of these companies grossly negligent. If that verdict is reached, the companies will be facing potentially tens of billions of dollars in damages.

BP officials claim that they are aware that the company was negligent; they are just trying to avoid the label “grossly negligent.”

Outcome Of The Trial Will Affect Future BP Claims Payments

Many victims of the oil spill have decided to put their trust in the hands of the GCCF, and hope to receive compensation from the agency instead of adding onto the 400 lawsuits already filed against the companies by 120,000 individuals and business.

Most are under the impression that this trial will take years to end. On the contrary, despite earlier whispers that the lawyers representing BP and the other defendants were going to draw out the legal proceedings, the case is actually moving through the court system at an unprecedented rate.
Many legal experts are comparing the BP claims lawsuit to the lawsuit filed against Exxon-Valdez after the oil spill off the coast of Alaska in 1989. That legal battle lasted almost a decade and Exxon got off paying $500 million in damages as opposed to the original $2.5 billion they were being sued for.

The outcome of this case may or may not share the same fate.

The outcome of the upcoming trial in February has the potential to set a legal precedent for how the courts will handle compensation proceedings in the future.

If BP cannot prove that they have fewer faults in the accident than originally believed, then many people who are filing BP claims against them will finally get the financial compensation they deserve.

Stake Your Claim Now and Get Your Share Of The BP Claims Lawsuit

If you have been waiting for the GCCF to do the right thing for month and still no right answer its time to get your paperwork in to the attorney’s and gets things lined up for trial. The work up of your case takes about 1 week after you bring all the documents in. So get started today and fill out the free case review on the right hand side of this site.

BP Lawsuit: The Blame Game

Ahead of BP Lawsuit, Transocean Starts the Blame Game

You hear a lot about BP and the oil spill, so it can be easy to forget that there are other players too. Transocean just released a two-volume report that is 854 pages long essentially saying that most of the oil spill was BP’s fault, not theirs. Transocean is the company that owned the Deepwater Horizon, so you would think it would be at least partially their fault, but the big BP Lawsuit is coming up and they want to make sure they don’t foot the bill for oil spill.

Why Should I Care About the BP Lawsuit in February 2012?

There is a big BP lawsuit scheduled for February 2012 that will figure out which companies involved in the oil spill have to pay part of the damages to people and states they messed up. The reason this matters to gulf coast residents is that after this BP Lawsuit happens, you will be able to settle for a lot more money for your claim and come a lot closer to getting the compensation you deserve for your lost income.

Transocean went through all the trouble of putting together that huge report because when the BP Lawsuit rolls around, they want to make sure they don’t foot the bill. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter that much to you which company has to pay for what damages because someone will be liable for it. The important thing is that the lawsuit finishes so that people who want to take BP and other companies involved in the oil spill to court with a BP lawsuit can do it.

BP Lawsuit Blame Game Just Another Example of Passing the Buck

Even though at the end of the day it doesn’t matter much to gulf coast residents who has to pay for what damage, it does show us how eager they are to pass the blame on to someone else. Transocean is sitting here trying to throw BP under the bus, and pretty soon BP and the other companies involved will start releasing reports about how it was everyone else’s fault. If they are willing to pass the buck onto each other so quickly, how quickly do you think they will try to pass the buck on paying at all?

We have already seen from the stall tactics and quick pay scam that they are doing everything they can to avoid taking responsibility for the harm THEY caused. A BP Lawsuit may be the only way to actually get the money you deserve. They can only pass the buck if you stand idly by, but if you decide you won’t stand for their crap quick pay offers and you want the money you actually lost because of their spill, you should consider getting some professional help with your BP Claim.

You can fill out our free case review box on the side of the page, and whether you want to file a BP Lawsuit or just get help with sending your claim to the GCCF, we will take a look and work with you to figure out the best steps to take next.