GCCF Quick Pay Of 25k Goes To 190k in 2 month

Finally a good story about real people with their BP claims in the GCCF process,  from a reader that submitted her small business claim to one of our attorney’s. She was offered a $25,000 Quick Pay by the GCCF in April 2011 like so many other have been.

This small business owner was smarter than so many others. She did not take the GCCF  Quick Pay. She submitted her claim with us on April 6 2011 and was put in contact with a great oil spill attorney. He took her case telling her that since she had already received an offer  of $25,000 he would only charge his fee on anything above the $25,000.Very nice and fair way of doing business I got to give it up for our attorney friend.

GCCF denial

GCCF Claims Done Right

The attorney took 30 days to get all the documentation and supporting documents together, and submitted a new claim for the small business owner. This week he got back an offer for $190,000 for the same claim that GCCF had already said was only worth $25,000 without the help of the attorney. Most people can see from this real life example why staying the course and using an attorney makes a lot of sense in this game the GCCF is playing. If you get an offer from the GCCF and you feel like they are not correct in their numbers contact an attorney and see what he can do for you.

GCCF Denied Claim

The same is really the case if the GCCF denies your claim, or keep asking you for more paperwork. I have talked to people that submitted claims back in January 2011 and GCCF are still asking each 90 days for more paperwork. Its like they will let the 90 days go by before they ask for more paper work. Just stringing you along and letting the time go by. So if you have been denied by the GCCF or are still trying to provided them with more and more paperwork, talk to an attorney. Its a free case revue so you really have nothing to loose. Also if you do hire the attorney to do up you claim for you, the attorney is not paid until you get paid. So when you get you settlement offer from the GCCF and accept is, that is when you have to pay your attorney.

GCCF interim Payment

In the review of the small business person I mention in this post its important to note that she was offered both an GCCF interim payment and a GCCF final review payment as her offers when it came in this week. Very few people are getting offered GCCF interim payments as GCCF want to finalize with victims now so the BP claim does not get higher over time. So when a GCCF claim is done right by an attorney the GCCF in 60 days have made this small business owner a fair offer that she will now accept. Another thing that is good to note is that the business owner had her losses at around 160k when she first talked to the attorney. The attorney found another 30k in losses and by doing so paid his fee out of losses the business owner had not even realized where there. So all in all a great story about how people that know what they are doing can get great results when dealing with the GCCF.

What Should I Do About The GCCF ?

This is the most asked question about the GCCF  I get right now over the 800 number, people have been waiting for 90-120 days and they all ask me what should I do. Should I contact an attorney should I just wait even longer, they keep coming back asking me for more documentation. What should I do ?


Most Asked Questions About The GCCF

The answer I have for most people are the following. Keep giving the GCCF what they are  asking for and keep hoping they will approve your claim and give you what you deserve. Don’t settle for less than you deserve but if you can do the claim yourself with the GCCF it would be a lot easier and cheaper than going with the attorney’s.

Now there is a point where you have to turn to an attorney for him to take over the claim. I always tell people the following. Set a date out in the future it could be 30 days it could be 60 days, and say I will give the GCCF until this date to get my claim settled. If the claim has not been settled when this date arrives fill out the free case review and get your case to an attorney. Also if you get an offer that are much lower than what you would expect from your claim, give it to an attorney. If you get denied by the GCCF then its also time for an attorney to take over.

Here are the top 5 reasons people should go with an attorney and for get about the GCCF

1. Its a very large Business case that needs the proper work up by a CPA and proper representation for you to get full value for your claim ($75,000 +)

2. GCCF keep asking for more and more documentation and its clear to you that they are stalling to not pay you

3. GCCF denies your claim

4. GCCF has not communicated with you in 90 days

5. You filed your claim more than 150 days ago and still no answer

 Here are the top 5 reasons you should file your claim your self and wait for the GCCF

1. Its an easy claim for loss of income in a tourist related industry and its below $20,000

2. You  are talking to the GCCF and you feel like they are helping you (150 days max wait then go with an attorney)

3. The value of your claim is low

4. You feel like you can do it yourself and you feel like the GCCF can help you

5. Other people at work you know have been paid by the GCCF

How to get paid from the GCCF

Now if you follow the rules above in your GCCF claim it will help you.

Here are some other tricks that I have hear from people that it can work getting your claim paid sooner.

1. Keep going to the local GCCF office and make friends with the people there and keep asking about your claim

2. Forget about the GCCF 800 number, get a local number from the people at your local office and start calling that number

3. Give them everything they ask for and then some, give them more documentation to back up your claim than they asked for. eg. Bank statements, old tax returns, W2’s

Now there does comes a time when you loose hope in the GCCF process and you feel like nobody knows what other people are doing and nobody really knows what is going on, when that time comes its time to sign up on this page for an attorney and stop wasting your time with the GCCF