BP Claims For Vacation Home and Rentals

Most people directly affected by BP’s oil spill know it, but there are some claims that might not be as obvious as others. If you own a rental vacation home on the gulf coast, you most likely have a very good claim. Just because you aren’t relying directly on the gulf for your livelihood by doing something like fishing, doesn’t mean that the oil spill did not reduce your income!

It’s no secret that there aren’t nearly as many tourists along the gulf coast now; not many people want to go swimming in tarballs or risk getting dispersant-contaminated water all over them. So if you have had trouble getting your property rented out, or if you’ve had to lower your prices and your income is not as high as it was before the spill, chances are you can get some money from the GCCF.

Beaches are closed, get money for your property with vacation home claims


Not just Vacation Home Can File With The GCCF

This isn’t just limited to people who own vacation homes either; restaurants, shops, and other businesses that depend on tourists all have legitimate claims if they have earned less money after the spill. Even businesses that don’t rely directly on tourists can still rely on fishermen and other people to use their services, and if the fishermen don’t have money because of the spill that means those businesses are losing out on money too.

Don’t let BP cheat you out of what you deserve! I would recommend that you file a claim with the GCCF and try to get interim payments. Unless the final offer is really good, be careful about signing away your rights though. If you can, it’s always better to stick with interim payments so that if this mess is still affecting your income years from now, you haven’t signed away your rights to be compensated for it.

Vacation Home Claims Advice

If you want some free advice about whether or not you have a claim, feel free to fill out the free case review box on the right side of this page and we’ll take a look at it and help you figure it out. It can be hard to tell if they will pay out your claim or not, and the GCCF will use that to deny you even when you may still deserve money. For that reason I think it’s smart to get some expert advice you can use to negotiate what you really deserve from the GCCF.