BP Settlement Checks Starting To Come In

We are happy to report that many of the people who decided to get an attorney from this website’s Free Case Review are now getting their BP Settlement checks. While many others are still waiting on the GCCF to give them the money they deserve (or more likely, a whole lot less than what they really deserve), a good number of the people who signed up with an attorney for a BP Settlement less than two months ago are now getting paid.

A BP Settlement could get you money faster

Timeline for GCCF compared to BP Settlement

We talk about the dirty tricks and delay-tactics the GCCF uses all the time, but now it’s becoming clearer than ever that getting a BP Settlement is the better option. Mostly the only payments the GCCF actually get to you are their lowball quick pays that aren’t half of what you lost, and even their final payments aren’t really cutting it most of the time. Many gulf coast residents have been waiting well past the 90 days the GCCF says they will take to process a final claim. However, the people who chose to get an attorney about 60 days ago are already getting their BP Settlement checks.

How Much Is The BP Settlement Compared to an Offer from the GCCF?

These BP Settlement checks are not only coming faster, but they are also a lot closer to a fair amount of money for the loss of income and and  business revenue you lost. It’s different for every person, and you generally aren’t allowed to talk about how much your settlement was, but with how cheap the GCCF has been, a BP settlement  with an attorney is going to be 3-6 years of loss not the standard 2 years GCCF is trying to get everybody to jump on. It’s nice to actually give some good news for once in this nightmare of a claims process.

So How Do You get a BP Settlement?

If you’re tired of putting up with the GCCF’s crap, if you’re tired of waiting for them to make an offer, if you’re tired of them trying to lowball and cheat you out of just compensation for the damage THEY caused, you may want to consider getting  an attorney. If you want our help, you can always fill out the Free Case Review box on the side of the page and a professional will help you figure out what kind of claim you might have if you decide to go after BP in a court of law or for a high settlement. Getting a BP Settlement could be a faster, better solution than the GCCF.

It’s not an easy to decision to make, so you’ll definitely want to think it over, but more and more the evidence points to the GCCF delaying and denying while people who go with an attorney get better settlements and are getting paid faster.

The BP Claim Process After Your Find Out That GCCF Can’t Help You

Many people want desperate for the GCCF and BP to keep their word and do right by the people of the gulf,  but that hope are disappearing for many people these days when the GCCF letter finally arrives in their mail box. There is a very standard letter that GCCF is sending out that gives personal claims $5,000 and business claims $25,000 and that is it. They are trying to get everybody to settle for this low low amount.

After You Give Up Hope For A Settlement With GCCF

So lets talk for a minute about this hole GCCF and what it is. The GCCF was setup by BP and got blessed by President Obama in July/August 2010. What they say and what they are offering you are not the LAW its what they are willing to pay you at this point in the process.

Just because they have denied you does not mean you do not have a valid claim, it just means that GCCF will not pay it.  When the GCCF  says  that the gulf is only going to be affected for 2 years it does not mean that is true.

I think you can ask anybody on the street and they will say that is not true.The  BP experts that made the study will tell you its true, but they have received lots of money from BP to come up with their report and again its BP trying to buy off our land and resources to minimize their damages.

I have talked to many people that are expecting this oil spill to affect the region for 10 years to come maybe more and GCCF wants you to settle for 2 years, 2010 and 2011 after that all is good again.I THINK THAT WOULD BE A BIG MISTAKE

So after you give up hope for a fair settlement with GCCF you need to get yourself and attorney that can handle the GCCF and BP for you, the process is not hard and once you have given up hope that GCCF will help you out then its time. The GCCF might string you along for month with Interim payments. If they do take them as long as you know that you never want to sign for a final settlement unless it will cover you for the next 10 years.

The Oil Spill Liability Process.

The next thing that will happen is the Liability process where a judge places liability on all the parties involved with the oil spill. There is Trans Ocean, Haliburton, BP, CAMERON (blow out preventer) so there are many companies involved here.

If you feel that you case will not get a good out come from talking to GCCF there is an April 20 2011 deadline with Trans Ocean that you want to try and be under. If you have to sue all these companies then Trans Ocean are one of the companies that you want to have in your suit.

In February of next year the judge will assess liability on all parties just like this. BP is guilty with 60%, Haliburton 20%, Trans Ocean 10%, Camron 10% and once the  liability has been assessed the cases will go back out to the local districts and a judge in your local district will get the case and a trial date will be set.

Now you all know that the attorney’s will go for the maximum dollar amount for their clients so they will go out 10 years and say that is how long the gulf will be affected by the oil spill. They will push the numbers real high and they would want to prove these numbers in court by taking all these defendants to trial.

On the other side the defendants (BP, Haliburton, Trans Ocean, Cameron etc) will want to settle the cases as fast as possible so they never reaches a trial stage. Like the GCCF is doing now they are trying to settle as many cases as possible for as little money as possible.

Trial Dates For The Oil Spill

After the trial dates are set for each cases there will be a period where all the evidence for each case is put together and unless there is a settlement the case will go to trial in front of a judge and a jury.

You can imaging what the numbers are going to be in the settlement right before trial if you have a good case. This is what I would want all the people that are going with a good business case to do, wait for the big money before trial. Charter Fishermen, Water Sports companies, Oyster men, Commercial fishermen these groups of people have the best cases that should go all the way to trial.

For sure it will affect them more than 2 years the gulf  being messed up, it will affect everybody that are trying to sell gulf seafood it will affect everybody that has anything to do with the water in the gulf. Now if you ask me of how big a percentage will go to trial and how big a percentage will be settled its probably 98% will settle and 2% will go to trial so the chance of a big settlement or better to say a fair settlement once you go with an attorney is much better than you going to trial with your case.

I will personally recommend everybody reading this to take the Interim Payments from GCCF, but to get an attorney to handle you case as soon as possible to get a fair settlement from BP and the GCCF.