Making a Gulf Coast Business Claim

What is a Gulf Coast Business Claim?

A lot of people rely on the gulf to make their living, but the big ones you always hear about are fishermen, shrimpers, and other people like them. The less well-known but still equally hurt businesses like jet ski rental sites and charter fishermen are hurting too, and they have the same rights as fishermen with a gulf coast business claim.

If you have a business that relies on tourists visiting the gulf, and that business has posted losses after the BP oil spill, there’s a very good chance you can file a gulf coast business claim. It’s BP’s fault that the gulf got filled with oil and gulf coast didn’t want to visit, so it’s BP’s responsibility to pay for your losses with a gulf coast business claim.

Why Are Times So Rough, and Why Should You File A Gulf Coast Business Claim

As people who are eligible for a Gulf Coast business claim already know, the bread and butter for jet ski rental sites and especially for charter fishermen is repeat business. People fall into a pattern and come for vacation with the same people every year. The problem with the oil spill is families didn’t come down for a year or two thanks to the oil spill, and now even that it’s a little better they’ve fallen into different habits. A lot of these businesses NEED a Gulf Coast business claim.

Charter fishermen are hit really hard because there are really two problems. Tourists aren’t coming down like they used to, especially repeat business, but also even the ones who do come down aren’t catching as many fish. The red snapper have mysteriously disappeared since the oil spill, and other fish aren’t biting as much, so if someone comes down and doesn’t catch much, how likely are they to come back? Not very. BP needs to make things right, and the only way to do it is if you make a Gulf Coast business claim.

How Do You File a Gulf Coast Business Claim

The problem with doing a Gulf Coast business claim with the GCCF is that they are trying to send everyone these lowball quick pays for $25,000 for a business claim or $5,000 for a personal one. This is nowhere near the amount a Gulf Coast business claim is worth. You have a REALLY good claim if you own one of these businesses because your profits are tied directly to the gulf.

You can go ahead and file with the GCCF and hope you get lucky, but more and more it looks like the only people getting paid for their Gulf Coast business claims are the ones who get an attorney. One of the big differences between getting represented and going with the GCCF is that an attorney can get you paid for 3-5 years of losses for your Gulf Coast business claim, which is a lot closer to what the damage is really going to be. Once hurricane season comes and all that oil washes back up onto the beaches, the tourists who are just starting to trickle back will tell their friends it’s still not good to come down to the gulf.

If you want some help figuring out what to do and how much your Gulf Coast business claim is worth, you can fill out the free case review box on the side of the page and we’ll help you decide what steps to take.