GCCF: Why Are They Stalling?

Not Getting Paid By The GCCF ?

There have been more and more reports coming in lately about the GCCF using stall tactics to avoid paying out legitimate claims to needy gulf coast residents. Despite having sent in everything that could possibly be needed to process a claim, the GCCF continues to request more information, claims to have lost information sent, or even moves its own GCCF offices without notice.

GCCF throws up roadblocks to delay you

Reasons Why GCCF Stalls The Money

There are two reasons for the GCCF to do this, and I think both of the reasons make it very clear that the delays are intentional. The longer the GCCF makes claimants wait, the more desperate they get as mortgage payments and other necessities come due. This makes people more likely to accept low GCCF offers when they are offered later, even if the offer from the GCCF is nowhere near as high as it should be. The second reason the GCCF is intentionally delaying payments is that they simply do not have enough money to pay all the claims. BP decided that they would pay  $1.25 billion every quarter, which is not nearly enough for the hundreds of thousands of claims they owe. Apparently no one thought it would be a good idea to tell BP that they should be paying enough to actually cover the damage they caused. Because of this, the GCCF is doing everything it can to avoid paying claims, hoping that it will eventually get enough people to accept the low quick pay payments that they can afford.

Alternative to GCCF

This is all bad news for people trying to get money from the GCCF, but there is something you can do about it. Just like when an insurance company makes a low offer for a claim, but decides that suddenly you deserve more when you tell them you have an attorney, they are more likely to give you what you deserve if you get some legal help. I would recommend filling out the free case review box on the right side of the page so that an attorney can take a look at it and help you get the most money from the GCCF.