Injury From BP Oil Spill

The recent oil spill that engulfed the Gulf of Mexico and its surrounding locations has received plenty of media attention. The damages that were caused by this spillage has not only affected properties, but also people.

British Petroleum (BP) that caused this catastrophe has taken full responsibility  for the problem, rightly so as well as the government has invoked the Oil Pollution Act (1990) to ensure that BP does not run away from its responsibilities to ensure that everybody that have experienced oil spill damages receive their rightful compensation from this catastrophe. BP has reportedly prepared $20 billion to deal with oil spill claims.

Injury BP Oil Spill

One of the most serious of claims that would be received by BP’s compensation team is the metal or physical injury claims, also known as an oil spill injury claim. Such injuries would undoubtedly leave physical as well as psychological impacts on the affected people, thus BP has to be prepared to compensate these affected people accordingly. In accordance to the Oil Pollution Act, one that has been physically or mentally affected by the oil spill  has the right to sue BP and obtain compensation over the injuries and damages caused.

Get Compensation from your oil spill injury

In terms of the injuries themselves, victims could demand for compensation if physical contact was made with the oil, causing permanent or temporary damage to body parts such as the skin.Think about the many people working on the clean up process from this massive oil spill, many of them could have a BP claim for physical injury by the oil. The oil could also burn the skin. On the other hand, victims who were affected by the topic vapors that emanate from the spillage could also attempt to obtain compensation from BP, as it could cause breathing difficulties, especially for the older folks.

Also a recent survey show 1/4 of the people asked in Alabama about the impact of the oil spill reported metal health issuses from increased stress and depression dealing with the consequences of the oil spill.

An oil  spill accident claim is usually handled by the accident law court, that is if the BP oil spill claim that is demanded by the victim is not accepted by BP. If this materializes, or if BP doubts the legitimacy of the claim, the case would be referred to the accident law court where the victim would require a lawyer to represent his or her case against BP. The victim could present a case against the oil spill itself, or for negligence of the company in preventing scenarios that could have been prevented.

On your part, you should determine the type of injury that you have experienced before filing for a claim. Ensure that you have all the relevant documents available such as your doctor’s acknowledgment, medical bills and other relevant documents. Once you have all the proper documents with you, contact your lawyer who would then be able to advise you on the next move to file a case against BP for your accident and physical injuries.

For the record BP has created a special team to deal with claims and damages from the oil spill issue, thus if you file a case against BP, expect to receive a call from this team to offer a settlement for your physical injuries. Considering that there are more than one hundred thousand claims that have been submitted, BP would without doubt try to settle as many cases off-court as they can, as they run the risk of losing a lot more money if most cases head to the court of law. If you are happy with the settlement offered, you should accept the offer, but if you are not, allow your lawyer to advise you on what to do during the hearing.