Mental Health BP Claim

Mental health issues connected to the BP oil spill are today a gray area of the BP claim arena, as Mr. Feinberg has said:  ” it is unlikely that money from the $20 billion relief fund would be used for claims in which the main complaint involved mental health issues”. But why ? Metal health issues are as real as physical injuries and are regarded as just that when at trial or in other ways dealt with by an insurance company.

BP Claim For Mental Health Should be allowed

That Mr. Feinberg can say that metal health issues are not as important as other BP claims are just appalling, tell that to the  people with Anxiety, depression or post traumatic stress disorder because of the lost of all income and not knowing how to feed their families after BP destroyed their way of life. To not included metal health as a BP claim would be the same as not recognizing metal health any more as a sickness. I am sure that the Supreme Courts has already ruled on that  and found that metal health issues are real and people suffering from them needs just as much help as people suffering from lost of income.

Mental health issues from Oil Spill

I think it would be right  for an attorney to take that fight with Mr. Feinberg to get Metal health issues the same rights as any other BP claims filed with BP and Mr. Feinbergs office. The prof that needs to be brought for a metal health BP claim should be visits to your psychiatrist or metal health doctor where the cause for the visit is the BP oil spill and the affect it has had on the you personal Metal health.

Mental Health A Claim in other tragedies

First off I don’t want to in any way compare  the BP oil spill to the tragedies of 9.11.2001, but the mental health issues that was seen there post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression or any combination of such conditions are the same mental health problems we are facing down here after the oil spill.  In the 9.11 tradegy people can file a claim for a mental health issues and get a claim payment from it. What is important to note is that many of these symtoms did not show right after the 9.11 tradegy but came years after, now the deadline for the BP Claim Advanced payment are fast approaching and Mr. Feinberg is not allowing the mental health claim. It will mean that lots of BP final claims payments for mental health or lots of lawsuits if he does not change course on this very important issue.

If you are having health problems related to the BP oil spill you should see a psychiatrist or doctor and let them talk to you about the problems facing you. If you feel like you are having metal health issues from the BP oil spill contact a doctor