Opt Out Of The Deepwater Horizon Settlements

With the latest from the Deepwater Horizon Settlements showing zero payments made to individuals, zero payments made to business as of September 4 2012, I think the time has now come to Opt out of the Deepwater Horizon Settlements and to sign up with an attorney to let them continue on your fight against BP. The Deepwater Horizon Settlements has been just another waist of time for everybody with still no money coming to the people and business with legitimate claims.

To opt out sign up with an attorney now and they will send you all the information that you need and they will carry your case on to the BP presentment, also called OPA presentment. The documentation that you have provided to the Deepwater Horizon Settlement or to the GCCF can all be used by the attorneys to file your case with BP. At this point how ever I don’t think the people at the Deepwater Horizon Settlements are up for the challenge and if they cannot get it done in 4 month they will never get it done, its time for the lawyers to file suit and get the money though the courts. Fill out the contact form on the right hand side and the attorneys will call you back today.

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Opt Out Deepwater Horizon Settlements

The picture from the report that came out last week as been cut off a little bit as I did not have room but you can pickup the full report here for your viewing. deepwater horizon settlement news

Opt Out Of The Deepwater Horizon Settlements

Here is the problem, if you read this and do not fill out a form for the attorneys to opt you our of the BP settlement you are going to end up being stuck in it with all your claims. You will forget about the deadline and do nothing. The end of that story is that you will get no offer or a small offer from the BP settlement and you can do nothing about it. Remember all the people that got stuck with the Quick Pay because they got sucked in to it by the GCCF and now they are kicking them self for falling for that trick. Well this is something similar. If you do nothing you will be in the BP settlement before you even get an offer to accept or reject. So fill out the contact form now on the right hand side and talk to an attorney about your options and opt out of the settlement before it becomes to late.

For all the seafood harvesters and seafood processors that are stuck with looking at year 2010 as the main year of losses, when the shrimp,oysters and crab did not disappear until 2011 and 2012 here is what you need to know. OPA (oil pollution act ) put a 3 year liability on BP. The Deepwater Horizon Settlement only gives you the 8 month in 2010, where in fact BP is guilty for all the damages happening in the years 2010, 2011,2012 and up to April 20 2013. So the settlement for the industries that did not see the damages until 2011 and 2012 you need to fill out a form and get with an attorney to get the full extend of your losses covered, don’t settle for the damages they are calculating in the Deepwater Horizon Settlements, its not good for you guys.

Oyster harvesters and anybody in the Seafood industry, our good man and attorney general Jim Hood are still fighting to get the Quick Pay overturned as for most people that sign that it was clearly not fair and in most cases the GCCF even used stall and delay tactics to get people to take these Quick Pays. The reversal of Quick Pays would be the single greatest thing that could happen in this battle against BP and I sure hope it will. If it does I hope people will be smarter the next time and get an attorney involved to know their legal rights before signing a contract like this. Here is a list of what our good friend Jim Hood has done for us over the past 2 years. Jim Hood BP Oil Spill

Incomplete Deepwater Horizon Settlement Claims

If you get back an incomplete or denial letter from the Deepwater Horizon Settlements you should first look to see if the documentation is something you have available to submit to the fund. If its not again you need to fill out the form on the right  hand side and sign up with the attorneys they can do sworn statements if you don’t have the documentation. Don’t give up incomplete or denied claims do not mean you cannot get paid by BP. Always have an attorney double check your claim and your paperwork submitted before you give up. The worst thing is people that do nothing because they feel like their taxes are not done or they don’t feel like they can document their losses well enough. Don’t give up just get with the attorneys and let them help you document your losses. This could be done via bank account statements, W2’s or sworn statements. If you do nothing no money will come to you. Remember the attorneys take no payment upfront, they only get paid after  you get your money.