Legitimate BP Claim

By now most of us would have been aware of the massive oil spill that occurred at the Gulf of Mexico and surrounding areas. British Petroleum (BP) has been identified as the culprit for this catastrophe due to an explosion in an underwater exploration project that caused oil to leak into the ocean.

As a result, thousands of sea creatures and ocean plants have been killed almost instantly, to an extent that has not been seen before. Without doubt the worst oil spill catastrophe ever experienced, it took BP more than 3 month to contain the issue. And now it is up to the same company to deal with the after-effects of the spill and the oil spill damages that have been caused by the damaging event.

Are You Filing a Legitimate BP Claim

Now that the issue has been contained, BP has come up with a claims and compensation plan to deal with all the damage that has been done. The government has invoked the Oil Pollution Act (1990) and are forcing BP to take full responsibility of what has happened. For its part, BP has prepared a 20 million compensation plan to deal with all the oil spill claims.

BP has agreed to pay all legitimate claims from rightful people that have been left affected by the spill. Now comes the tricky part. How does one prove that a claim is legitimate, and how does one quantify the extent of the damage? To be truthful, some claims would be fairly straightforward, but when we speak of quantifying the damage, how would one quantify or calculate the extent of damage that has been done on natural resources or the environment?

Not all BP Claims Are Legitimate

Nevertheless, we should first understand what are legitimate BP claim that can be utilized to obtain compensation from the company over the BP oil spill issue. For one, you can claim if you have experienced a loss in revenue and profits from your business due to the oil spill. You can also request compensation if you experienced damage within your property, as well as for your costs to repair, renovate, clean up and modify your properties and items that were damaged due to the spill.

Another reason that allows you to claim would be the increase of public level cost. These are the losses that can be quantified as you have a benchmark to compare with before and after the spill. All you have to do is to provide proof of how the oil spill catastrophe has changed your financial figures for you, and you should be able to claim successfully from BP.

Nevertheless it would not be possible to claim for emotional losses, despite the fact that the oil spill have left the affected areas (especially by the coastline) such as Florida and Louisiana completely unlike how they were before the spill. And the question remains of who is going to claim for all the losses of the wildlife such as plants and animals that were tragically killed during the catastrophe? The millions of dollars that is being handed out as compensation might help ease financial burdens, but the emotional scar would undoubtedly stay on for a very long time.