BP Denies Seafood Claim

As we all know the BP oil spill has caused a lot of damage across the coast and is making life difficult for everyone to continue on with their lives. Especially those whose live revolve around the water.

Fishermen who make their bread and butter from the ocean have been stricken with a huge string of bad business because no one believes they are going to get the seafood they deserve with oil running through the waters. However hard BP has tried to contain the situation and even clean up everything they can it still leaves some residue behind which can taint the seafood.

Oyster Fisherman get his bp claim denied

Most recently an oyster fishermen staked a claim due to the huge loss his business was seeing and BP denied his claim. Curt Pannagl of Plaquemines Parish Seafood is suffering with his multi-million dollar boats at a stand still. When his boats aren’t moving and out there picking up oysters then he is not making any money what so ever. When you run your own business if you are not moving then you are losing money and your family isn’t eating.

No BP Claim for the people in need

Pannagl said “I’ve been out of business completely, and there’s been no money coming, and BP has not paid me for it. I can’t get any answers but I haven’t sold any oysters since May 31, 2010, They’re giving bartenders and people that don’t even file taxes more money than that, I know people that haven’t even been in the oyster business getting checks for $76,000, $50,000, $110,000 — crazy numbers. You can’t sit there and dig into your piggy bank and invest back into this business until BP steps up to the plate,”

While Pannagl did receive a settlement for one of his oyster boats, he believes it was only a fraction of what should have been paid. And he believes there are disparities in the claims process. According to Pannagl, BP told him his oyster brokerage company, Breton Sound, hadn’t suffered any damages from the spill. But Pannagl said the company, which sold $4 million in oysters last year, isn’t operating because of the spill.

As many of you are probably thinking right now, BP should definitely compensate this business for losing so much for something they had absolutely no control over. When BP turns around and gives others money whose business doesn’t revolve around the water and then have the sheer audacity to deny Pannagl of a claim he should be entitled to, it leaves a lot to question. What is really going through the minds of the people at BP?

People filing BP Claims to date

To date there has been about 395,000 claims made with the GCCF (Gulf Coast Claims Facility) and remarkably Less than a third have been approved and 14% have been denied. There are more but they are either under review or say they need more documentation to prove the claim’s worth. It seems as though BP is simply trying to cover their rear and approve just enough to make them look good but not enough to make them lose out on their business.

Some of that makes sense from a money stand point but when you are the cause of a huge disaster that has changed people’s lives and businesses you need to step up and take care of your problems.