BP Oil Spill destoying home prices along the gulf coast

It has been forecast by the Housing Predictor that homes along the gulf coast will decline in value at least 30% as a result of the BP oil Spill. This prediction comes as no surprise to angry home owners that see their house value and rental income go down as a direct effect of the BP Oil Spill.

Housing analysts contend that the projected losses in housing value will top that of any oil disaster in the nation’s history and will send tens of thousands of additional homes into foreclosure as a result.

So if you are a home owner on the beaches of the gulf, you have a claim against BP and you should talk to an oil spill attorney about getting compensation for your lost. So how do you prove to BP that your house value has fallen due to the oil spill at not just the slumping economy ? Well the good part is that the burden of prof is on BP side and with a good attorney by your side you can get some of the money back lost because of the BP oil spill. So contact a local oil spill attorney and save your house or investment home.