How much oil spilt into the gulf of mexico ?

With the explosion of the massive oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico just last April, thousands of losses have already been incurred because of the effect of this crude oil being spilt into the sea. An estimated1000 barrel of crude oil has been leaking everyday from the oil rig, this according to British Petroleum, one of the parties accountable for this major disaster.

However, within the same week as the explosion, the government revised this estimate down to 5000 barrels per day. This estimate that the government has announced is the most accepted number, regardless of the other multiple independent estimates saying that the oil spill is considerably larger.

With this huge volume of oil spilt into one of the major sources of aquatic life for the seafood industry, groups and groups of people have cause to be alarmed because this disaster will certainly change their way of life, cause property and financial losses, even serious risks to their health as well. As this volume continues to increase as days pass, the amount of damage that will eventually occur will equal the amount of people who will feel the major inconveniences and concerns brought about by this oil spill.

Oil covered pelicane

This devastating oil spill has left pelican, daulphin’s and fish dead along the gulf coast shores. Now after the well has been capped what will happen now to the residents of the gulf coast.