Was Your BP Claim Denied ?

Here are some option to look at if your BP claim has been denied by BP or by the the Gulf Coast Claims Fund. Below you will find a list of what your options are.

Contact an Oil Spill Attorney

If your claim was denied by BP your best option would be to contact an oil spill attorney and have them look at your claim to see if they would be interested in taking your claim to a potential lawsuit against BP.

If the oil spill attorney takes your case it would mean they would agree to represent you in your BP claim and they would receive part of your claims payment as payment for their work.

This is a standard contact that would be sign between you and the law firm giving them the right to litigate your BP claim for you. Normally a fee of 20-25% of your final winning would be their fee to take your case. If you do go with an oil spill attorney you would know that they would protect you and work to get your claim paid so they will get paid.

There are many great oil spill attorney’s looking for denied BP cases just like yours and they would be happy to meet with you free of charge to look at your claim to see what kind of case they could build on your oil spill claim.

Filing a BP Lawsuit

Believe it or not, your don’t really need an attorney to file your own BP Claim lawsuit, in any court in this country. That is right your can represent yourself¬† with your claim against BP. Its called “Pro Se”, or representing¬† yourself in the court against BP.

Its not for the faint of heart but it would be totally legal and your could stop by the court house on the way home today to get all the paperwork and forms to file your own lawsuit against BP for the oil spill and the damage you have suffered because of the oil spill. If you got the ba..’s this would be one way to get out from under a BP claim that was denied.

Making An Oil Spill Claim With NPFC

The NPFC is the U.S. Coast Guard’s National Pollution Fund Center, they will accept BP Claims that has been denied by BP or have been in limbo with BP or the Gulf Coast Claims Fund for more than 90 days. If you have gotten your BP claim denied with BP this would be an option to file with BPFC for a second opinion on your oil spill claim.

You would file your claim by submitting your paper work to:

4200 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 1000
Arlington, Va. 20598-7100

The claim must be submitted 3 years after the oil spill happened so August 2013 would be the deadline for filing your claim with them.  Also if your claim is accepted you must sign a release form to get the claims payment from NPFC. The process of filing your oil spill claim with BPFC should take no more than 60 days to get you an answer to your claim.