Oil Claim – Learn What Is A Legitimate Claim According to BP

The greatest oil spill at Gulf of Mexico has left many people devastated. It is referred as the worst oil spill in the world history killing 11 people and injuring more than 20 people. However, thousands and thousands of people as well as industries are hit directly or indirectly by this disaster.

Oil Claim

The Federal Government has named BP responsible for the damage and liable for all aftermath consequences. BP has admitted that it was their internal mistake which led to the explosion. The company agreed to compensate for all the losses incurred and setup a separate fund of $20 billion.

Attorney Kenneth Feinberg is appointed as the administrator for this escrow fund. BP announced that it will compensate for all legitimate claims. Now the question here is ‘what is a legitimate oil claim?’ BP officials are not answering this question directly.

Oil claim Legitimate claim

Affected people are supposed to provide evidence of their losses to BP while applying for oil claim. However, there are losses which are not quantifiable. How can these people provide evidence and get compensation? This situation reminds us about the five emotional stages of humans before death, written by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross in 1969.

Those emotional stages are seen now with oil spill affected people. The first and foremost stage is Denial. People were deprived of their livelihood due to the oil spill. Many industries are closed or suspended.

Particularly, Shrimping industry, tourism industry and other industries related to fishing are badly hit by this disaster. People working in these industries lost their jobs. When they apply for oil claim, they are denied of the compensation as they are not in a position to provide required evidence.

The second stage of human emotions is Anger. When people lost their lives and business opportunities, they got angry. They started a fight against the company. When the compensation got delayed, it resulted into frustration. The third stage is called Bargaining. There are people who are badly affected with this disaster.

However, they cannot wait for a long time to receive compensation. Small business owners and property owners mostly fall into this category. They require quick compensation and settle for fewer amounts. This is a good time for the company to make quick settlements.

The Fourth and crucial stage in human emotions is Depression. Depression affects your thoughts, moods, actions and over all health. Depression can also develop into suicidal tendency. When people are denied of their right, they get depressed. The last stage in human emotions is Acceptance.

When people are tired of fighting, they accept defeat. They put everything on fate and accept what ever comes their way. People affected with this tragedy and did not receive compensation will do the same thing as times goes by.

However, nothing is out of control. It is your right to claim for the losses incurred to your business and livelihood. Claim your compensation to start a new living. If you are not confident enough, you can approach a competent oil claim lawyer who can make sure that your interests are protected through out the claim process.


An oil spill, such as the BP Gulf oils pill that recently happened, can be a huge blow, not only on the wildlife, but also on the local businesses of the area, and even posing a health hazard on the local population. If you have been a victim of an oil spill, there are a number of options that you can consider. Depending on the gravity of the damage that has been done, you can either file an individual oil spill claim directly against the responsible party, file a class lawsuit against the responsible party, file an oil spill claim to the National Pollution Funds Center (NPFC) or file a civil case for oil spill damage against the responsible party.

For all of these possible actions, you will need to have a person, or even a group of people to be on your side. You need to have an oil spill attorney helping you if you want to have a fighting chance at winning your oil spill claim.

Whether you have decided to join a class suit or want to file an individual claim, you will need assistance from an oil spill attorney who knows all the legal matters and what actions to take when proceeding with your lawsuit. You need to be prepared to give very detailed information about the damage that has been done on your property or on your health, as well as the extent of the damage that the oil spill has caused.

A qualified lawyer who has experience with environmental law will be able to help you decide the choice that best suits your condition. For example, under the Oil Pollution Act it is required for you to first present an oil spill claim to BP before you can file a case or submit a case to the NPFC. Nonetheless, you are strongly advised to ask for advice from an oil spill lawyer in before submitting any claims to BP. Their attorneys will do anything to stop you from getting the payment you deserve because of their inattention. You will need an aggressive, experienced oil spill lawyer who will not rest until you have been properly rewarded.

In all of these, you need to be physically and emotionally prepared to take on what could be an exhausting experience, both mentally and emotionally. You need to be prepared for the possible outcomes of your oil spill claim, especially since a company as big as BP will be too tough to take on.