BP Claim For Lost Income

If you are looking to file a BP claim for lost income, these are the steps you need to follow to be sure to get an evaluation of you oil spill claim within 48 hours.

Supporting Documents for a BP Claim for lost income

First you need to file your supporting documentation with a BP claims center, that could be tax returns, W2 or any other documentation showing the pay you where receiving before you got fired or the business you where working for shut down. If you could get a letter from your Boss or business owner stating that you where fired because of the oil spill or because of fewer tourist than normal that would be good to.

After the evaluation of your BP claim you should get notified within 48 hours (currently they are not keeping that promise) about an advance payment for you claim. Normally a 1 month pay check will be paid to you and these payments should continue until you find another job or can return to the work you where doing.

If you claim is rejected you will be notified in writing of why you BP claim was rejected and if its possible for you to refile your claim with maybe other supporting documents.

Who can make a BP claim for lost income

1. If the business you are working for shuts down because of anything related to the BP oil spill, example our restaurant in Navarre Beach Florida just shut down because lack of customers due to the oil spill. The owner for sure are make a BP claim for the lost of profit as he had to shut down his business. Well the waiters and dish washers that lost their income because of the restaurant shutting down and  will be able to file a BP claim for lost income.

2. You where working at the gas station but since there are less tourist coming to the Florida Pan handle you boss just can’t keep you there, he would have to let you go. Well if his business is down, he would have made a business claim against BP, now that you lost you job because of the oil spill and fewer tourist in the area you will have a BP claim for lost income.

Grey Area BP claim for lost income

Lets look at a grey area for a moment as it might give you the right to do a BP claim for lost income. You have been working as a waiter for you whole life and normally its not a problem for you to find work, but right now no body are hiring because of the BP oil spill and all the related problems that has come from it. That you can’t find a job in your normal field of work should give you the right to do a BP Claim for lost income. This grey area can relate to many different fields and could be something that you could also use. Please contact your local attorney for more advice on your BP claim for lost income